2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

As 2015 is ending up, we should start thinking about the digital marketing horizon in the coming year. Well, marketers with large and small budgets often make sure which investments will provide the biggest profits.

To inform you about the provided options, we publish a series of prediction posts regarding different areas of digital marketing. This post is about the stock full of paid advertising predictions for the coming year. Here, you’ll find the key topics and trends that are going to build steam at Top Rank Marketing and will only continue to increase in 2016.

Social Advertising

The social media advertising has been predicted to reach $29.9 billion in 2016 over the world which is 69% increase since 2014. Excluding the final numbers for 2015, social commerce was seen to drive $30 billion in 2015, that is 50% increase over 2014.

Social media advertising gains many benefits over B2B and B2C advertisers but it is expected to have more opportunities surrounding ad formats starting from Snapchat’s Two Cent Video Ads, Pinterest’s Motion-Based Ads, to Twitter’s Promoted Moments and Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, and across all platforms in 2016.

The plan for more opportunities often leads to confusion as the marketers face real challenge in figuring out which social advertising opportunity will be the best fit for their business and what should be the budget. Social media sites like Snapchat provides advertisement platform but the entry fee is really high.

While social media is increasing as a sales channel, it is gaining similar growth from a lead generation and raising points. We basically had on-going elaboration programs running for the past two years on several channels such as LinkedIn and the performance has been really improved. For news, paid social is the best deal to do.

Video Advertising

According to estimation, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video and hence in 2016, companies should be focused on video advertising regardless of promoting videos via native advertising on Instagram or Vine, or in-stream/in-display video ads on YouTube. The budgets shifting from standard search to video based advertising has already started to be seen for several clients and this trend is really going grow high.

As all videos vary from one another, creating a video especially for B2B companies can be a real challenge. There were many clients who produced videos and come to us for amplification hoping that it would be great fit for YouTube but were disappointed to see that their in-search numbers are low. Therefore, it’s time for B2B advertisers to start looking at layering in big data.

Micro-Level Advertising

All major platforms like Account or personal marketing have increased their targeting options this year which is awesome. But, the real shift seen here is the clients starting to clasp Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and automation meaning making big waves from Native DSPs like Taboola to old standbys like Rocket Fuel and emerging Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platforms like Terminus and Marketo’s new offering around ABM. But, for micro targeting needs micro content to get successful .

Especially for B2B’s we’ll find out more advertising dollars invested in big-data and DSP’s that sends content to specific persona. You need to spend more money for increased targeting and automation in 2016 provided, you have powerful content to make the media expenditure worthy.

Keywords & Integration

Nowadays, its often seen or heard that keywords are dead. However, AdWords are improving their dynamic search capabilities and if it goes well, then others will be following shortly. With better indexing and new sub-categories, dynamic search has become more predictable and hence, it requires a technically, well structured website and high quality content.

All marketers need to watch on integration but it seems like Google is going to start forcing us to do so. With 65% of control over the search share from Google, you need to ensure that you are deploying an integrated digital marketing strategy.

What Are Your Paid Advertising Predictions For 2016?

Based on our predictions, the social and video advertising, both targeting and integrated strategy will be the key parts of a successful paid advertising strategy in 2016.