2017 Best App for Windows Phone

Here we are going to explain you the best Windows Phone app for 2017 which help you to decide which app to download:

Even though the Windows phone is not much popular as iPhone or Android but it is popular certainly within the business circle. But how you come to know that you are using the best app for business in your Windows phone device?  Now lest see some of the best app for Windows phone device:

Adobe Photoshop Express

In case of iPhone or Android iteration, it gives much more editing application to make your picture more wonderful and shine. White balance, noise, Crop, tone, adjust red eye and so on it is common thing that you need to have even if you are not a photographer. The actions which are mentions require only one or two of screen to transform completely the snaps by making easy for everyone to use.

1Password Beta:

The most popular account and password directory for Windows phone is 1Password which secures your entities by encrypting. At the time of writing the Windows mobile will be in public beta, which offers the faster performance and improved search.

Adobe Reader

For, editing, viewing, sharing PDFs and converting Adobe Reader is the most popular application. Using this application you can view the PDF file directly from the email and more. The PDF file which is protected with password can also be viewed with the help of this app, also we can convert RTF, DOC, and share the files and doc within the team members easily.

Calendar Pro Free

This app is pretty straight forward but the frequency of use by us is very best worth your time. Calendar Pro is the rated highest scheduling app on Windows mobile which offers a deep integration and smart interface with live accounts.

Call Recorder

This app is very essential than audio recording app, using this app you can record the phone call conversation. Later you can play back or upload it to one drive to save them or share it so that you can follow that phone call conversation. You can also protect the sensitive calls by password top keep the conversation more confidential.

AirWatch MDM Agent

The management tool which relies collaboration and communication for the company, this application can also be used with the AirWatch console to manage and monitor all systems across the company. This application keep the track of everything in company and it is easily setup and use.


You might feel difficulty and might lead to cluttered desk to keep the track of the paper business cards but CamCard app cuts the physical mess by storing contact details in the e-card format. You can just scan the card using your phone camera and then read the information completely.