4 Simple Steps to Extract Corrupt ZIP File

“I downloaded a file from internet which was compressed in ZIP format. After downloading it, when I tried to extract its contents it repeatedly displayed an error message saying “Cannot extract requested ZIP file”. So, I downloaded it again, but still getting the same error message. I really don’t know why I am getting this message again and again. Can somebody suggest me how to extract this ZIP archived documents?”

Surely your ZIP files have got corrupted while downloading it from internet. But you need not worry because even I was in such a situation few months back but later found an amazing utility called Remo Repair ZIP which helped me in extracting corrupt ZIP files without facing any problem. The tool is available online and the best thing is that it comes in a free version which allows viewing fixed files as well as testing its efficiency before the real purchase.

As we all know, ZIP files contains multiple files in single compressed form so it is quite obvious that even if one folder doesn’t get downloaded or is interrupted due to some reasons then the entire ZIP file gets corrupt and you cannot extract any documents stored in it. It is necessary to repair corrupted ZIP file so as to extract its contents.

The program Remo Repair ZIP has in-built advanced algorithms which scans and fixes each and every part of the file to extract corrupt ZIP archive. Moreover, it extract corrupt ZIP file without altering any of the original files which further ensures high security during the fixing process.

There are many more features of the tool which is better to be described separately

Important features of Remo Repair ZIP app:

  • It is able to repair damaged ZIP file in just few simple clicks
  • Repairs oversized, infected, corrupted, incomplete ZIP files effectively in less span of time
  • Damaged, broken, corrupt, inaccessible ZIP files can be repaired using this wizard
  • Fixes ZIP files with CRC error as well as damaged file header
  • Simple yet easy to use GUI with descriptive step by step procedure that fix ZIP files easily
  • Compatible on many versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7 etc
  • 24*7 technical support is provided to solve any queries while fixing damaged ZIP files
  • Repaired file content can be saved to any destination location of PC
  • Simple graphical interface allows even novice computer users to use the tool for fixing corrupt ZIP file without facing any trouble

It is also important to know the few possible reasons due to which ZIP file corruption happens.

Scenarios responsible for corrupting ZIP file:

There are actually many reasons due to which ZIP file could get corrupted but few noted ones are listed below:

  • Virus infections: It is the most common reason due to which ZIP file corruption happens. Viruses can get transferred on to your PC while downloading files from unreliable websites, infected devices etc
  • Incomplete download: While downloading ZIP files from any source, if there is any sort of interruptions in between the download process then there are high chances of ZIP file corruption
  • Corrupt hard drive: If the hard drive where the ZIP file is stored contains bad sectors, CRC errors etc. then it might ultimately corrupt ZIP files stored in it
  • Other reasons: unreliable third party applications, hardware conflicts, software clash etc. are other noted reasons responsible for ZIP file corruption

It is quite evident that Remo Repair ZIP software has so many extra features which make it completely different from other repairing tools available in market. So, without any further delay install this amazing utility and rescue your ZIP files as soon as possible.

NOTE: Repaired files can only be saved after purchasing the licensed version

Important tips:

  • Keep a back up of important ZIP files by saving it in external storage devices
  • Install a good antivirus program and scan your PC regularly
  • Scan ZIP files before extracting or downloading them from internet