Advantages of having Windows 8.1 over Android in Mobile Phones

Smartphones are most popular among people these days. These Smartphones works on various operating system platforms like Windows, Android, etc. Coming to the point, here let us know advantages of using latest Windows OS i.e. Windows 8.1 over Android OS in Smartphones.

Windows OS 8.1 proves to be an excellent Tablet operating system in some of the key areas when comparison to Android operating system in mobiles.

Some key features of Windows 8.1 OS that would leave Android OS behind:

Snap View: Snap View in Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system allows multiple applications onscreen and then allow you to adjust every pane to size of your mobile device, which works best for you. But, Android device do not have this capability. Though Android driven Samsung phone offers multi-view feature that works in the same way, but it is restricted for some of the approved applications only. So, we can tell that here Windows 8.1 proves to be better compared to Android since Snap view is available only on few Samsung Galaxy devices and its not a part of Android.

Updates: Updates on Windows 8.1 OS based mobile devices are pushes into them and here they get a chance to grab all new updates, but in Android based Smartphones or tablets, there is no guarantee that the user will get the new update of Android. Though Android devices work fine without getting any new OS update, but still they miss out many security updates that are offered as OS renewals.

Sharing: Majority of users employ sharing of their information from device to another. Sending data from one application to another is quite easy and powerful on mobile phones. Both Android and Windows 8.1 have capability of sharing data between apps, but Windows 8.1 implementation is highly consistent when compared to Android OS.

Other advantage is mobile experience improvement, and you could find many more. Just read over here and explore more on how Windows 8.1 OS is better than Android in enhancements of mobile device.