Easy Method to Fix External Hard Drive No Media Error

The external hard disk drive is widely used to back up vital files and folders. But, if you use external HDD on a regular basis, sometimes you may encounter “No Media Error”. This error can be caused because of the faulty port, corrupted drivers, and several other factors. There are numerous reasons that can cause this error and that’s why there are different solutions available to fix this problem.

Troubleshooting tips to determine actual cause for “no media error” and easy solution to fix it:

  • Sometimes, a bad or loose connection between the USB port and the external HDD can cause “no media error”. So try to connect your external drive properly to the USB port in order to make the drive accessible.
  • If the external drive error is because of faulty port then try plugging your drive into different ports in order to resolve the problem.
  • Try to connect your external HDD to another PC and check whether it works. If the external drive is working on another system then it means your external hard drive is good and the issue is with your computer.
  • Windows and Mac use different file systems like NTFS and HFS respectively for USB and external storage devices. So if you have been using your external HDD with Windows then it might cause the problem on Mac and vice versa. To resolve the issue, you need to format the external drive in Mac in order to work it properly on Mac OS.
  • In case, if an external hard drive is corrupted and contain bad sectors then the issue can be fixed by running chkdsk repair utility. The chkdsk tool will check your entire drive and try to fix them if it finds any. Here is how to run chkdsk:
  1. Press Windows keys + R to open the search box.
  2. Type cmd in the search box and click Enter
  3. Type chkdskG: /R and press Enter. Don’t forget to replace “G” with your external drive letter.

Errors during Windows Startup

At a number of instances, users encounter some or the other start-up errors on a Windows PC. Despite there are vivid types of error that could be seen as you power on the computer. During computer failure, you could see symptoms as – an error screen, a blank black screen or the system does not power at all. If you find any instruction upon encountering start-up error then you can simply follow them in order to fix them right. However, apart from these, there are certain troubleshooting techniques for particular kind of troubles occurring with your Windows PC.

Troubleshoot Techniques

  • An initial thing that you must be doing upon seeing a Windows start-up error is, what the error says exactly. Documenting the type of error will help you in resolving the issue, to find solutions relating to a particular problem. Analyzing the error message will simply narrow down to the possibilities of the errors occurring in the computer. For instance, you can get to know if the problem is caused due to a hardware malfunction or any software errors etc.
  • If you see any kind of messages, go through troubleshooting information and get the error fixed right through.
  • You can also contact the Windows support and seek more information about the problem that you are seeing during the start-up process.
  • In Windows system, you got a number of repair options available under the boot Options menu. You can go to the Advanced Boot options and then choose a repair option or even boot into safe mode.



Steps to Enable Outlook Backup Add-in to Work with Outlook 2010

“The backup command does not appear in the File menu nor prompt to backup PST when I close Outlook after I had installed Outlook 2010 on my Windows PC. Earlier, when I was using Outlook 2007, the Personal Folders Backup add-in was in the File menu and always prompted to backup PST file when I terminate Outlook. How can I enable Personal Folders Backup add-in to work with Outlook 2010?”

The Personal Folders Backup add-in creates backup copies of your Outlook PST files periodically to safely backup all Outlook folders. Although the graphical design and technical change in Outlook 2010, it works a bit different when compared to earlier versions of Outlook. It can be made compatible to work with Outlook 2010 by just applying the following fixes.

Troubleshooting steps to resolve Personal Folders Backup add-in not working issue

  • Make sure that you have installed the latest version of Outlook Personal Folders Backup add-in on your computer since older version is not compatible to work with Outlook 2010.
  • Ensure that Outlook backup add-in is listed and chosen as an active add-in: File>Options>Add-ins
  • If the Outlook personal folders backup add-in is not listed then click Add or Go icon and browse the following path:
  • For 32-bit Windows PC
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE##\ADDINS\outbak.dll
  • For 64-bit Windows PC
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE##\ADDINS\outbak.dll

In some cases after installing the backup add-in, it does not work on your Outlook. This may happen if the backed up PST file get corrupted or damaged due to any unknown reasons. Well, PST backup not working on Windows computer due to annoying reasons can be fixed with the aid of Remo Repair Outlook. The software is equipped with advanced algorithms which scan and fixes the damaged PST backup file within a couple of minutes.

Simple Method to Repair AVI File on Mac

Have you come across a situation where your AVI file refuses to play on your Mac media players? At times, AVI video file may freeze or display weird errors while playing on Mac. What could be the reason behind this AVI file issues? Well, it clearly indicates that the AVI video is corrupted. When AVI file gets corrupted or damaged, it fails to play and also exhibits other problems. There are numerous instances which result in AVI file corruption. Some of the common causes are mentioned here:

·         AVI file being played or opened on incompatible media players might get corrupted.

·         Force shut down or abrupt closure of AVI file, while it is still playing may damage its header and makes it unplayable.

·         Any sort of interruptions while transferring AVI files from Mac to portable devices or vice versa could corrupt the video.

·         Frequently changing video format of AVI file may corrupt it and makes it unreadable.

When AVI file gets damaged due to the above-mentioned factors or any other reasons stop worrying and know how to repair AVI files on Mac using Remo Repair AVI tool. This software just extracts content from the corrupted AVI video and creates a new video file without damaging the original file structure. Moreover, the user-friendly interface makes the entire AVI file repair task easy even for a novice user.

Remo Repair AVI tool key features:

  • Equipped with advanced repair mechanisms allow you to fix corrupted AVI files that refuse to play on any media players.
  • Effectively fix any size of AVI video that is corrupted due to system breakdown, bad sectors and so on.
  • Repair corrupted or damaged AVI video files generated by popular camcorders, mobile phones, digital cameras and other multimedia devices.
  • Fix broken AVI videos present on hard disk drive, USB drive, external HDD, memory card, flash drive, etc.
  • Safe and secure utility since the quality of repaired AVI remains same with the original file structure.
  • Allow you to preview the portion of repaired AVI file and save it to any desired location.
  • Easy and clear UI lets you fix AVI, XVID and DIVX files without any hassle.

Software to Repair Corrupt AVI Files

Just in case if one of your AVI files is not playing in the media player which is installed in your system, then it is natural that you try another one. Even if that media player failed to play your AVI video file, then it can be assumed that your AVI file has become corrupted or broken. It is recommended to follow dew important tips in order to avoid AVI file corruption.

  • Make use of reliable players to play your AVI videos
  • Do not interrupt the transfer process of your AVI file to other storage devices
  • Maintain backup copy of your crucial AVI video files on to different storage devices
  • Install updated version of antivirus software for safe guarding your system against external threats

But the question is what should be done even after taking the above-mentioned instructions? And make them playable? You might be thinking whether it is possible! Off course with the help of Remo Repair AVI tool you can easily repair your corrupted AVI files and get back to watching these videos again.

About Remo Repair AVI: Repairs Corrupted AVI files

With the help of this utility, you can easily fix the corrupt AVI video file by keeping the original AVI video file intact. While the repair process is enabled, the tool identifies the corrupt AVI video file, fixes the broken parts of the file and transforms the corrupted AVI file into a flawless video file. This tool is capable of fixing both audio and video streams. With this application, you can retrieve RAW photo files of all popular formats like PEF, CR2, NEF etc. The software is useful for recovering deleted files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT partitions. After completing recovery process, you can make use of Find Option that helps in locating particular files. These files can be sorted on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name.

Video File formats: .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, .asf, .avs, .m4b, .mp4, .rm, .wma,.qt and many more

What else Remo Repair AVI tool offers:

  • Advanced algorithms that are used for repairing avi, xvid, and divx files
  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM is required for installation of software
  • Provides Preview of the repaired AVI video files
  • Easy and safe to use interface in order to fix corrupted AVI video files
  • Technical help is assisted round the clock for handling queries associated to the software
  • AVI file repair software free download helps in understanding the working and evaluation of the software prior to purchase of the software

Common Reasons responsible for AVI video File corruption

Faulty Freeware: Sometimes, you may make use of faulty third party application for accessing AVI video files. These faulty tools may damage your AVI video files thus making it unplayable

Abrupt Removal: If you abruptly remove your storage device or shut down the system improperly during AVI transfer process then it might corruption to your AVI file

Tool for Repairing Files on Windows OS

Are you unable to access files and getting an error message while trying them on Windows PC? This indicates corruption of files which can be due to various reasons such as software conflicts, system reboots, etc. Well, whatever might be the reason, if you cannot access the file on Windows PC, you may search for various tools on the internet. But, you might get confused to choose the best repair tool among them.

To help you in such cases, Remo has designed Windows Repair tool which helps in repairing various file types which include PPT, Word, RAR, DOC / DOCX, ZIP, PSD, PST, AVI and MOV files. Here is an overview about them:

Remo Repair Word: This application is used to repair DOC / DOCX files that are corrupt and displays errors due to various reasons. Also, it repairs and recovers text, OLE objects, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from the corrupt Word files.

Remo Repair PowerPoint: With this application, you can fix .ppt/.ppts/.pptx file corrupt due to numerous reasons. This application repairs and recovers text, sound effects, formatting, animations, OLE objects, images, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt PowerPoint files.

Remo Repair ZIP: ZIP file that cannot be opened due to corrupt, unknown compression, bad CRC, etc. can be repaired easily with this tool. Helps in fixing .zip and .zipx files.

Remo Repair RAR: Just like ZIP, RAR is a compressed format having multiple files. When it gets corrupt, multiple files will be affected which can be repaired securely with Remo Repair RAR tool. Supports RAR files of 4GB or more than that.

Remo Repair Outlook PST: This tool helps in repairing corrupt PST file, oversized, encrypted and password protected Outlook data file on various Outlook versions.

Remo Repair MOV: With this application, MOV and MP4 video files can be repaired. Even MOV or MP4 files having header corruption, if audio delays, etc. can be fixed with ease.

Remo Repair AVI: This tool focuses on fixing unplayable Avi, Xvid and DivX files. Even fixes AVI files that play only audio or video, header file corruption, etc. on various Windows PC.

Remo Repair PSD: Repairs corrupt, RLE compressed PSD / PDD files. Even files with various color modes, large size PSD/ PDD file can be fixed with this application.

More about Remo File Repair tool

This application is read-only software and hence it doesn’t modify original corrupted file while repairing it. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt files, extracts data from it and saves in a new healthy file by keeping the original file intact. Facilitates free demo version, with which you can preview files before purchasing the tool to save it. Moreover, this file repair software for Windows requires minimum disk space of about for its installation. Compatible with all latest Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

Outlook 2016 Repair Tool for Windows

What happens when the outlook becomes corrupted? The first though that would run in your mind would be regarding the backup; It is always important to have a backup of your important files. That is when you will need an Outlook 2016 Repair Tool.So how is outlook different from other accounts that help send you

So how is outlook different from other accounts that help send you emails. Outlook is even more advanced; it not only helps to send emails; there is more to what outlook can do. It is considered as a commercialized mailing system, where you can add other mailing accounts like Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and much more.Here you can read about how you can Repair Outlook 2016 Windows 10.

Here you can read about how you can Repair Outlook 2016 Windows 10.

Remo Repair Outlook 2016 Windows

Remo Outlook repair is a software that will help in Outlook 2016 pst repair. The application is user- friendly and occupies very less space in your system. The number of profiles and size of the outlook doesn’t matter when you have a good software. Remo Repair Outlook can easily fix Outlook 2016 pst.The software has many features such as it works in most of the Windows operating system. The application has the ability to

The software has many features such as it works in most of the Windows operating system. The application has the ability to fox Outlook PST file which is password protected or even compressed. Repairs PST files which are created in Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016. You can use the Preview option to verify if all the restored Outlook items are there on Outlook Style Browser.

The application is simple and easy to run since it provides step by step guidance during the repair. If you want you can evaluate the results by using the demo version of the software.

In short, this application is a solution for the question how to fix Outlook PST 2016.

How to Repair Outlook 2016 Windows 10?

Below given are the steps on how Outlook 2016 pst can be repaired?

Step 1– Download and launch the software Remo Repair Outlook.

Step 2- After the launch, the software’s main screen’s will be displayed, choose the option as per your need. If you want choose Open PST File if you know the location otherwise click on Find PST file option. You can also choose the Outlook profile by clicking on Select Outlook Profile.

Step 3–   After the selection, click the Browse button so that the PST file can be repaired.

Step 4- Choose the scan option and choose the destination in which you want to save the recovered Outlook file. Click the repair button in order start the process.

Step 5- Check the list of repaired files.

Import the fixed outlook file to get access to your Outlook items.

Easy Steps to Fix GoPro Unable to play Video

GoPro camera is usually used in extreme action video photography. The GoPro camera is known for its lightweight, waterproof and durability. However, sometimes certain GoPro videos won’t play as expected as a result of some known or unknown factors. This tutorial shows you how to fix GoPro unable to play file MP4 or MOV on Mac/Windows OS.

How to deal with GoPro unable to play video files?

If you have recorded video files using GoPro and found that files can’t be played smoothly on your computer, then there are two ways by which you can resolve the problem. The first method is the GoPro SOS function which you have to manually execute whereas the second method is fully automated wherein you need to rely on some trustworthy GoPro File Repair tool like Remo Repair.

Method 1: Repair unplayable or damaged GoPro video with GoPro SOS function

The GoPro camera has in-built SOS function which helps you to fix damaged video. If you find that some of your GoPro files are corrupted and unplayable, just power on the camera. If a bicycle image and a plus sign (+) appears on your camera’s screen, then the video is damaged. Just click any icon on the GoPro camera and wait until it stops blinking the red color. Once the video is fixed, the GoPro’s screen will revert to normal file counter display.

Method 2: Fix GoPro unable to play video using Remo Repair MOV

If the SOS function didn’t work to resolve the issue and the GoPro videos are still unplayable. Don’t worry. There is an effective method which automatically fixes GoPro files by using Remo Repair MOV tool. It is pretty easy to use this software. Just select one of your healthy GoPro video files as a reference, then browse the unplayable GoPro file and click on Repair. Free trial of Remo Repair MOV is available wherein you can fix the video as well as view the portion of repaired video. But, the trial version does not have an option to save this fixed video. So, you need to buy the licensed version, which is cost effective in order to save the repaired video at your desired location.

Steps to Repair Outlook 2016 OST File

When your Outlook 2016 OST file gets damaged or corrupted then you cannot able to access the OST file content on your Windows system but using Remo Convert OST to PST tool you can convert those fix corrupt OST file Outlook 2016 to PST and access the content of OST file on your Windows system.

Procedure to convert the corrupted OST file to PST using Remo Convert OST to PST application on Windows:

When your Outlook 2016 OST file gets corrupted then the first thing you need to do is, download the free demo versions of Remo Convert OST to PST tool on your system and install the program on your Windows OS. Next, when you launch the application, you get browse option to select the corrupted or damaged OST file. Now, choose the repair option to start the fixing process of corrupted OST file on your Windows system. If you are satisfied with the Outlook 2016 OST file conversion process performed by demo version, then by purchasing the premium version of Remo Convert OST to PST you can save that PST file on your preferred Windows storage location.

Characteristics of Remo Convert OST to PST application on Windows:

Remo Convert OST to PST file is the powerful tool to convert the MS Outlook 2016 OST file which cannot be able to access but by converting it to PST file you can easily open the PST file on your Windows system. Using this application, you can also convert the Outlook 2016 OST file which is encrypted with a password to PST file without any difficulty. When you are converting the Outlook 2016 OST file the application makes use of Read-only mechanism so that the content present in Outlook 2016 OST file won’t get change while converting to PST file on your system. Preview option will be present on tool screen using that user can check whether the Outlook 2016 OST file is converted to PST effectively on your Windows system. Once you are done with the conversion process you can save those PST files in an accessible path on your Windows Operating System without any difficulty. Apart from 2016 version of Outlook, one can use this tool to convert OST to PST file in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. The software is given with easy to use GUI using that all types of user can easily understand the procedure to convert the OST file which cannot able accessed due to damage or corruption. The software is user-friendly with all editions of Windows OS including Windows 10 so that user without any problem can easily install this software on Windows computer. If user faces any issue while performing convert of OST to PST file, then they can contact the support team who is available 24/7 to help the user.

Reason for OST file corruption or damage:

  • When you are using OST file on your Windows system if your system gets to turn off suddenly then due to improper termination of OST file your OST file gets corrupted.
  • The header file is essential to access the files on your system because it holds all the information of the files. If your OST file header gets damage, then you cannot able to access that OST file on your system even it is in use.

How to Solve AVI File is Not Showing Video Issue on Mac

Hello everyone. I am facing a problem with my AVI video file which I have downloaded from online to my storage device. When I play the AVI file, it is not showing the video only the audio is audible in Mac video player. Can anyone suggest me “how can I fix this AVI file issue on Mac?”.

If you are facing same issue i.e. AVI files not playing video only audio, then you need not to be worried. Usually AVI file not showing video issue is occurred when AVI file gets corrupted or damage. But it can be easily resolved by making use of third party repair tool i.e. Remo Repair AVI software on your Mac OS X.

Scenarios for AVI file not showing video on Mac:

  • When your Mac device gets infected with malware then it damages the files saved in the Mac storage and your AVI file video / audio codec might also get damage so that when you play the AVI file you face an issue of AVI file not showing video.
  • AVI file need to be played in appropriate video player, if user tries to play the AVI file in unsupported video player then AVI file header gets damage so that you face AVI file not showing video issue on Mac.
  • When you are downloading the AVI file, if Mac device gets turn off or internet connectivity issue arises then your AVI file gets damage and AVI file video will not be played on Mac device.

These are some scenarios for AVI file not showing video, but we can fix this issue by utilizing Remo Repair AVI tool on Mac device.

How we can repair the AVI file using Remo Repair AVI application:

Install the free demo edition of Remo Repair AVI tool on Mac OS X, which you downloaded from official website. When you launch the application, you get “Browse” option to select AVI file which need to be fixed and then choose “Repair” option to start the repair process of AVI file on Mac device. Once the repair of AVI is done, using “Preview” verify the repaired AVI file before saving them to preferred destination path. After the verifying the repaired AVI files, if you are satisfied then by purchasing the software you are allowed to save those AVI files.

What is the advantage of using Remo Repair AVI software on Mac?

  1. Remo Repair AVI application is effective repair tool which can fixes any type of issues occurred in AVI file format and also in DIVX, XVID file format on Mac system.
  2. Due to video codec issue, if you are facing AVI file not showing video then using this software you can easily repair the codec issue and play the video file on Mac.
  3. If your AVI file which need to be repaired is present in various storage device, then application without any difficulty import those AVI video files using browse option.
  4. Free demo edition is provided by the software so that user can check the ability of the tool before purchasing. User can install this application in any version of Mac OS X.