Blogging Tool – Windows Live Writer is now Open Source

Open Live Writer seems to be a great tool for bloggers, but after its major update in 2012 Microsoft had no plans to release the commercial version of the software. Are you still a user of Windows Live Writer and wanted it to be enhanced? Here’s the positive news about it. The discontinued blogging tool, Windows Live Writer has been now released as Open Source Live writer, which has made a great day for bloggers. Bloggers now have a favourite tool for creation of a great content. Windows Live Writer has made blogging things easier, it makes it quite simple to compose the blog post offline and publish the posts on various popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, SharePoint, etc.

Group of volunteers from Microsoft have open sourced its popular live Writer blogging tool called Open Live Writer, which is popularly known as OLW. Open Live Writer is available as for a non-commercial use for writing posts.

For now, you may not be able to use the spell check feature in currently released open source Windows Live Writer. This is because, the feature Spell Checking is not present, as it wasn’t available for an open source release, and also the software that was being used for spell check was old. However, the new version of Windows OS i.e. Windows 8 or later, are enabled with spell checking feature along with the OS. On using Windows 8 or its new versions, you should be allowed to use the spell checking feature of OS in new versions of Windows Open Live Writer.

You can easily find the source code of Open Live Writer software on GitHub OR, a free download of Open Live Writer is now available for use.

Development of commercial version of this Open Live Writer has been also supported by .NFT Foundation. The partnership actually helped to achieve goals around the participation of growing community for the open sourced project. So, in partnership with the .NFT Foundation, the volunteers of Microsoft has developed Open Live Writer Software with great improvements.

With the aid of this Windows Open Live Writer, you can even pull the requests, design ideas, submit feedback, and perform many more ideas. Working with the Open Live Writer provides really a very very simple and easy to use GUI for writing blog posts, handling hyperlinks and images, when it is compared with similar other tools which are been ever used in general.