Fix DivX Codec that’s Not Working

“Few months ago, I had saved an important video file on my PC. The video is in DivX format. Everything was fine when I saved that video in my PC, the video as well as audio streams were in sync and it played better. However, last week when I played the video the audio stream didn’t play. I was annoyed after seeing this; I have no other copy of that DivX video. The same file needs to be repaired, can anyone please suggest me a way for troubleshooting this error.”

Are you too have been encountering a similar sort of problem with your DivX video files? Do you need assistance for fixing the DivX video? Then, go through this entire post. It describes all detailed and useful information on DivX file repair.

The audio of DivX file doesn’t play, when codec error occurs with it. Therefore, if you want to repair DivX audio codec then you are required to make use of repair application. Well, one of the most powerful repair tools is Remo Repair AVI. By making use of this repair app, you are able to fix audio codec with utmost ease. This remarkable tool has potential of fixing all sorts of errors associated with your DivX videos. A severely damaged or corrupted DivX files can be repaired using this efficient app. Remo Repair AVI supports both Mac as well as Windows based computers. You could install this tool on all available versions of Mac OS including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. In case you want repair DivX files on Windows based computer, then there exists a separate version of it, which is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS.

Under what circumstances audio codec errors occur in DivX file?

  • Frequent System Shut Down: If the Mac computer in which you are playing DivX file suddenly shuts down and very frequently it happens, then there are possibilities for audio codec errors to occur with the DivX file.
  • Download Errors: This is one of the major reasons, which causes audio codec errors. When DivX video download is in progress, if suddenly an unexpected error occurs then audio codec issues occur with that DivX video.
  • Header Damage: Damaged header causes serious issues. Header is that part file where all important information will be saved. When header of DivX damages, you’ll get error messages on your computer screen displaying as DivX audio codec not working.
  • Disruptions While Transferring: At the moment when you are transferring DivX file from one storage device to another, then make sure that no error occurs. In case an error occurs then audio codec issues crop up.      

In all these above described circumstances, you could make use of Remo Repair AVI utility and fix the DivX file within several clicks.

Outstanding Features of Remo Repair AVI Application:

Remo Repair AVI is a user friendly app; by making use of this tool even a novice user can fix audio codec errors in DivX files. It won’t alter the same DivX video file, instead it first scans and creates a new but healthy DivX video file which will similar to original one. It facilitates repairing DivX files on various types of storage devices including USB flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, external hard disks, etc. Not only DivX files, it could fix XviD and AVI files as well.