Tool for Repairing Files on Windows OS

Are you unable to access files and getting an error message while trying them on Windows PC? This indicates corruption of files which can be due to various reasons such as software conflicts, system reboots, etc. Well, whatever might be the reason, if you cannot access the file on Windows PC, you may search for various tools on the internet. But, you might get confused to choose the best repair tool among them.

To help you in such cases, Remo has designed Windows Repair tool which helps in repairing various file types which include PPT, Word, RAR, DOC / DOCX, ZIP, PSD, PST, AVI and MOV files. Here is an overview about them:

Remo Repair Word: This application is used to repair DOC / DOCX files that are corrupt and displays errors due to various reasons. Also, it repairs and recovers text, OLE objects, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from the corrupt Word files.

Remo Repair PowerPoint: With this application, you can fix .ppt/.ppts/.pptx file corrupt due to numerous reasons. This application repairs and recovers text, sound effects, formatting, animations, OLE objects, images, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt PowerPoint files.

Remo Repair ZIP: ZIP file that cannot be opened due to corrupt, unknown compression, bad CRC, etc. can be repaired easily with this tool. Helps in fixing .zip and .zipx files.

Remo Repair RAR: Just like ZIP, RAR is a compressed format having multiple files. When it gets corrupt, multiple files will be affected which can be repaired securely with Remo Repair RAR tool. Supports RAR files of 4GB or more than that.

Remo Repair Outlook PST: This tool helps in repairing corrupt PST file, oversized, encrypted and password protected Outlook data file on various Outlook versions.

Remo Repair MOV: With this application, MOV and MP4 video files can be repaired. Even MOV or MP4 files having header corruption, if audio delays, etc. can be fixed with ease.

Remo Repair AVI: This tool focuses on fixing unplayable Avi, Xvid and DivX files. Even fixes AVI files that play only audio or video, header file corruption, etc. on various Windows PC.

Remo Repair PSD: Repairs corrupt, RLE compressed PSD / PDD files. Even files with various color modes, large size PSD/ PDD file can be fixed with this application.

More about Remo File Repair tool

This application is read-only software and hence it doesn’t modify original corrupted file while repairing it. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt files, extracts data from it and saves in a new healthy file by keeping the original file intact. Facilitates free demo version, with which you can preview files before purchasing the tool to save it. Moreover, this file repair software for Windows requires minimum disk space of about for its installation. Compatible with all latest Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

Procedure to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files

Sometimes user accidentally delete the important files from the system using shift + Delete or command + Delete key combination on their system but it will be moved to trash / Recycle bin. When user cleaning the junk files they might clear the Recycle bin then important files get deleted permanently from the system. At that situation user search for the software to recover permanently deleted files on their system. Here we are suggesting the best tool to recover those permanently deleted files from the system.  When you have lost or deleted important files from your system permanently then you can make use of Remo Recovery software, which is the effective recovery tool and has ability to get back all deleted files with few simple recovery steps on your system.

About Remo Recovery software:

Remo Recover tool is the best software to get back all the deleted and lost files from the system. Using this application, you can also recover the files which are deleted from the External Hard Drives, SD Card, Pen Drive and some other storage devices by connecting it to your system where you have installed this software. Application has the ability to retrieve the permanently deleted files from NTFS, FAT16, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS5, FAT32, HFSX and HFS. With the help of this application we can sort the retrieved files on basis of file name, size, type and date.

How we can recover the permanently deleted files using Remo Recover software?

When your files get deleted permanently from your system then first thing you need to do is, download the free demo version of Remo Recover software from official website and install the tool on your Operating System. When you launch the software, in main screen you can see three option “Recovery files”, “Recovery Drives” and “Recovery Photos”, as your files got deleted from system so you need to select “Recovery files” option. In next screen you need to select “Recovery Deleted Files” option and then select the drive from which you need to retrieve the deleted files. Now, to start the scanning process you need to select “Next” button, then the tool begins its scanning process and retrieve all deleted files from the selected drive. Now you can view the retrieved files in two forms, “File Type View” and “Data Type View”, then select the destination folder to save the retrieved files and select “Save” option.

Scenarios for permanently delete of files from system:

  • User might accidentally select shift + delete option or clean the recycle bin which contain deleted files so that files gets deleted permanently from your system.
  • When your system gets terminated abruptly then the files present in the system gets lost or deleted.
  • When you are transferring the files from one system to another, if some interruption occurs then the files might get deleted or lost from your system.

These are some common reason for permanently delete of files from system, but we can easily recovery those deleted files by making use of Remo Recover software on our system.