1 Simple Way of Repairing AVI Video Files

Majority of movies downloaded online would be of AVI format. What if the AVI movies that you have downloaded by spending hours of time are not playing on your Windows computer? Isn’t it really frustrating? Would you like to spend hours again and get the movie downloaded? Or Would you search for some alternate solution to make the not playing AVI file playable? Well, most of them do not prefer to spend time on downloading same video as it may take long time, instead they may start searching for some best possible solution. Take a deep breath! You can make the AVI movie playable easily and effectively as the problem is not must big, the AVI video is just corrupted because of which the AVI files are turned into unplayable format.

Still thinking what’s the appropriate solution? It is nothing but the use of most reliable AVI repair application named Remo Repair AVI. Remo AVI Repair Software is available online for free download, using which you can repair AVI video files in few simple clicks and get your corrupted AVI files playable once again just like before, and enjoy watching your movie without any glitch.

What’s special in Remo AVI Repair Tool that makes you to select it for repairing AVI file?

  • Read only feature of Remo Repair AVI repairs AVI video safely as the original corrupted AVI video will remain unaltered in the repairing process.
  • Fixes both audio and video data streams side by side, and adjoins them to form a single playable movie.
  • Offers real time preview of repaired AVI video on fixing all damage issues with actual sound playback.

Sounds interesting? Yes, Remo Repair AVI actually works with these basic principles and makes AVI video repair process effective by following 5 easy steps of Select – Scan – Repair – Preview and Save. Completely automated AVI fixing procedure as it offers detailed descriptive steps with screenshots making your video repair experience more simple and easier.

How does the AVI video gets corrupt / damaged or unplayable?

  • Unexpected Download Error – While downloading AVI videos, if there occurs any sort of interruption due to slow internet connection or power surge issues, then such action can severely corrupt AVI file and makes it unplayable.
  • Improper Exiting of Media Player – Abruptly closing the media player in between of the video either because of human mistake or due to computer problems, then in such situations your AVI video gets corrupted and does not let the video to be played the next time when you try.
  • AVI Header Damage – In any instance if your AVI video header gets damaged, then it corrupts the entire video and turns the complete AVI movie into unplayable mode.

However, the AVI video files that are damaged or corrupt because of these scenarios can be instantly fixed by making use of Remo Repair AVI tool with great ease and accuracy.

Other Features of Remo Repair AVI Software:

  • Has potential to mend AVI video including other digital video formats such as XVID and DivX movies.
  • Repairs AVI video files on Windows system that are severely corrupt, damaged, broken and unplayable.
  • Repaired AVI file can be played on any media player such as Windows Media Player, VLC, GOM, etc.
  • Supports AVI video repair on Windows computer and laptop running with its different versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Remo Repair AVI proves to be the most efficient software to large corrupted AVI files with all original contents.
  • Supports AVI file repairing stored on different storage media such as memory card, external hard drives, etc. as the tool allows you to browse the corrupted AVI video file.

Additional Benefits:

  • Demo version of Remo AVI Repair Tool is offered, using which you can estimate the efficiency of tool before paying for licensed version.
  • 24 * 7 services by professional experts can be availed if you come across any issues while using the software to fix AVI files.

How to Repair Damaged AVI Video File on Mac?

Remo Repair AVI is the most efficient and user friendly damaged AVI video repair software which works with a deep scanning algorithm to fix all the errors that cause damage to the AVI video file in an accurate and easy way. It can repair severely damaged AVI video effortlessly and can make the video playable in any media player on Mac Operating system. The software will not cause any harm to the damaged video file as it extracts data from the AVI file and creates a new healthy file by taking the damaged one as reference.  The Remo Repair AVI offers a number of features that can satisfy anyone’s need. Before going through the fixing process in detail, let me describe some scenarios in which the AVI file gets damaged.

Factors cause damage to AVI file:

 Incomplete Download: When you are downloading an AVI video from internet and suddenly the process gets interrupted due to network error, then the AVI video file will get damaged.

Insufficient Memory: If you have downloaded or copied an AVI video to a location that is having no enough storage capacity, then the file becomes corrupted.

Power Surge: The AVI video becomes unplayable if any sudden fluctuation in power occurs while playing or transferring a video file.

Bad Sectors: AVI file gets damaged due to the presence of bad sectors on the storage device of the video file.

Incomplete File Transfer: When the AVI file format is not properly transferred or copied from one device to another, which causes damage to the video file.

Incorrect Codec: The AVI file gets corrupted if any codec issue occurs while playing the video file.

Other reasons: There are so many reasons that cause damage to the AVI video like virus attack, database corruption, file system corruption, header file corruption, CRC error, etc.

Due to the above mentioned errors, the AVI video file becomes unplayable. In order to play these damaged videos, you have to seek the help of an efficient AVI file mending tool like Remo Repair AVI as it can effortlessly repair damaged AVI video file in a quick way.

Features of Remo Repair AVI Application:

Remo Repair AVI is one of the most trustworthy software’s available now to fix severely corrupted, damaged, broken or inaccessible AVI video files in some simple steps. After the fixing process, the application will give you an option to preview the repaired video files before storing back to the system. Remo Repair AVI application can fix AVI video files from external storage devices like USB drive, pen drives, and memory cards and so on.

Demo Version: It is also available in demo version which is helpful for the users to check the effectiveness of the software. The demo version only supports the preview option. It doesn’t have save option.

Mend AVI Video: Remo Repair AVI software mends the audio and video file separately and again merge it to form a healthy playable video.

User Friendly: Remo Repair AVI is really easy for normal users to use in repairing AVI files. Anyone can mend video by simply following the instructions.

Less Space: It requires very less space for installation i.e, 50MB.

24*7 Customer Support: We provide full time support to the customers to help them anytime. The support team is technically trained in order to clear any kinds of issues






How to Repair Unplayable Digital Video File on Windows?

Last week I transferred all the video files from my digital camera to my system.  But, now when I try to open one of the AVI video, it is playing audio only. I don’t know what happened. It was fine till yesterday. If anyone knows how to repair the issue, Please help me.”

Do you have a video in AVI format that has become corrupted or cannot be opened in any media player for unknown reasons? The above given scenario also is due to .avi file corruption. That file got damaged due to some errors occurred at the system itself. There are so many instances like this  in which the digital video file becomes broken like, when you download a digital video from the internet and the download process is interrupted, then the downloaded video cannot be played because it wasn’t properly downloaded. Digital video files can get corrupted, just like any other kind of files. Fortunately, there is a utility like Remo Repair AVI, which can help you to repair digital videos in a quick and smart way. This video fixing software will allow you to correct existing damage to the AVI file.

Possible issues while playing corrupted AVI video:

  • Image freeze while playing
  • Sometimes it will play audio only
  • Sometimes fast forward option doesn’t work
  • “floats” the picture when playing
  • player refuses to play the file

Once your digital video file gets damaged, you are not able to play the file as expected. In such situation, you can make use of Remo Repair AVI for digital video repair efficiently. After fixing process, the tool will give you the preview of the mended digital video before restoration. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface so that even beginners should be able to use the application without any problem. Moreover, you can seek the help from us anytime if you face any problem while installing.

Factors make digital video corrupted:

  • Improper recovery
  • Codec issues
  • Faulty firmware
  • Accidentally turning off camera
  • Digital camera malfunction
  • Header file corruption due to virus attack
  • Any error while transferring digital videos from the camera to system or vice versa
  • Any error while compressing a large sized digital video
  • Recording video when camcorder is on low battery
  • Unknowingly ejecting memory card while record process

Features of Remo Repair AVI application:

A very simple utility that lets you fix truncated, partially damaged or corrupted digital video files in some simple steps. The software is not like many other file repair applications in the sense that it is having so many advanced features that enables you to mend AVI, XVID and DIVX video files that are damaged due to any reason. The tool can easily correct existing flaws in the header file or index of the digital video file. The program fixes corrupted digital video files created by famous DSLR cameras or camcorder and the unplayable AVI files from your hard drive, memory card, USB drive, iPod, etc. It is available in free demo version also, so you can download it if you want to evaluate the software features before going for the purchase. You can execute Remo Repair AVI on all versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.



Resolve Codec Missing Issues in AVI File

Facing missing codec issues in AVI file? Don’t worry, the error can be easily fixed now. Just read this following sections carefully, a complete information on fixing of AVI file errors have been mentioned.

Codec issues with AVI file is very common these days. Codec of video is actually a software that is used for compressing or decompressing a digital media file. Codec is usually divided into two parts, i.e. encode and decode. Encoder executes the compression (encoding) function and decoder is used for decompressing (decoding) function. Any sort of variations in codecs leads to severe issues and video file will not play properly. This triggers corruption of videos. Well, presently codec issues in video file can be easily fixed. Particularly to resolve codec errors in AVI file, there are several third party tools, by using them codec issues can tackled. One of the most sophisticated repair app is Remo Repair AVI. This amazing tool perfectly fixes each and every error of AVI video with ease. It has high success rate when compared with any other repair tools. Within a couple of mouse clicks, codec errors can be fixed with this utility. Even a severely corrupted AVI videos can be easily by using Remo Repair AVI application. Without making any alterations to original AVI video file, it fixes the issues. First of all the original AVI video is scanned, once the scanning g is completed, a new file that is similar to original file will be created. This is why Remo Repair AVI is termed as non-destructive utility.

Under what conditions AVI codecs go missing?

Numerous reasons are there on account of which AVI codecs go missing, some of the noted reasons are described here:

  • Knowing or unknowingly, if codec component of AVI video is deleted by user then they’ll be lost. Once they are lost, you’ll not be able to play such video.
  • Severe infection of harmful viruses to AVI video can lead to missing of codecs in AVI video.
  • If round tripping is done several times to AVI video, then there are chances of missing of codec in AVI file.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons on account of which AVI video codec goes missing. Well, with the help of Remo Repair AVI application very easily the error can be fixed.

Note: To Read about streaming of AVI file visit here.

Following are some highlighting features of Remo Repair AVI app:

It is one of the best repair apps available in market to fix AVI missing codec. Fixes all sorts of issues in a very short time span. The software is easily compatible with almost all major versions of Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows XP, 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Separate edition for Mac users is available, which can fix AVI file corruption issues on all versions of Mac. Very easy to use, provides directions for every step. The software is capable of fixing corrupted AVI videos on different types of storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. There is demo version a well, which can be used to measure the performance of product.

Fixing Sound Errors in AVI File that’s Not Playing in QuickTime

QuickTime is an admired multimedia player which has been developed by Apple. It is compatible with various kinds of pictures and audio. It is used for playing different kinds of media files. Usually the file formats which are supported by QuickTime is aiff.mpeg, jpg etc.

AVI file format is widely accepted among the Windows users but on the contrast, Mac users are not comfortable with this file format because it is a tedious job to play an AVI file in QuickTime.

You might have seen several times that while playing an AVI file on QuickTime, it happens that even if you are able to watch the video, the audio is not audible. It happens mainly due to corruption. At that point of time you get panic spontaneously getting a thought that your AVI has been damaged .What could be the reason behind this problem????The question of concern lies with the fact that how can you play the audio along with the video????

If you are facing this kind of situation regularly then don’t get annoyed, just rely on Remo Repair AVI, so that it will provide you the complete guidance to help you play your AVI file with both video and audio in a precise manner.

Reasons why QuickTime fails to play sound of AVI file:

  • The first problem which comes to our mind is the malware attack. Malware are the malicious program which destroys the attributes of a file which comes through unreliable sources, infected portable devices and that is the sole reason why we shouldn’t deal leniently with it.
  • There is a factor called synchronization which should be taken care while you are playing the video file. As you know that, if there is a mismatching between the audio and video file you may not be able to get the exact sequence of that file.
  • During the download, if due to slower network coverage you are getting an interruption then this might damage your file and continuously even after a lot of efforts you will not be locate any sound in the AVI file.
  • Header plays a vital part in an AVI file because the corruption of the header leads to a drastic change in the properties of the AVI file such as size, type, location etc, so you must be very much concerned about it.
  • Network error is one the hindrance which is being encountered while we play a video file, so it should be strictly avoided.
  • As you are familiar with the issue of power surge, you should have a source of uninterrupted backup so that you would be able to play your AVI file with a lot of ease.
  • Spoiled storage media results in the audio codec error which ultimately destroys the codec and hence even after a lot of efforts you are not able to get synchronization between the audio and the video in AVI file.
  • Improper functioning of QuickTime Player, bad sectors, manipulating the AVI file format are also the distinguishing features behind the corruption of the file.

Why should you go for Remo Repair AVI?

  • Remo Repair AVI is an optimum tool to resolve the issue, if AVI files not playing audio in QuickTime.
  • This is a proficient tool which has the ability to repair the damaged AVI file on different storage devices including flash drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory stick.
  • It supports all major versions of Mac OS including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • This tool can fix corrupted DivX and XviD files as well.

Process of Repairing and Opening AVI Files in iTunes

“Hello, I need a help for my concern. Can anyone please assist me? In fact a couple of days back I stored few important AVI video files on my Mac computer. The videos showed some important facts and figures of my business. I had actually spent lot of time behind making those videos. However, since a week back I don’t know what went wrong with those videos, they are not on iTunes. I tried a lot to play them, but I did not got an appropriate result. I have now really few up with it, and searching for a way to repair AVI file not opening in iTunes.”   

Are you too have trapped in such a situation as described above? Do you want to repair and open AVI file in iTunes? Then, don’t panic. Luckily you have arrived at an appropriate spot, now you could easily repair and all your AVI video files in iTunes that were inaccessible earlier. In order to do repair AVI file, make use of a Remo Repair AVI application which is sufficient enough to fix an AVI file that’s not opening on iTunes. Once they are fixed using Remo Repair tool, you can easily access them on iTunes app with no more complexities. The software has been designed by keeping all aspects into consideration and includes the most highly advanced mechanism for repairing an AVI file. Its interface is quite stunning and is user friendly, which supports the user at every step by providing appropriate directions and screen shots. In addition to these, Remo Repair AVI has remained an award winning app from past several years and continually it has obtained several compliments from its users.

Factors accountable for AVI file to become unplayable on iTunes:

  •  Header Damage: Header is responsible element to maintain important details of AVI file. Due to any known or unknown reason, if this header gets damaged then you will not be able to play the video until it is repaired. But with the help of Remo Repair AVI app application, you could easily fix AVI file not opening in iTunes.
  • Transfer Errors: AVI files are more prone for corruption, if any interruption occurs while transferring them from one device to another. Just assume that you are moving AVI file from an external storage drive to Mac computer. At the time of moving, suddenly if an error occurs then the file which you were transferring will get damaged after which you will not be able to play the video in iTunes.
  • Improper Download: At times you may download AVI video clip from web. When AVI is getting downloaded from web onto Mac computer, then ensure that no error occurs in between. In case an unexpected error takes place, then downloaded file will get damage. After it gets damaged, you will not be able to open that file on iTunes.

Adding to these, there are lots of other reasons due to which AVI video file fails to get open on iTunes. However, if you make use of Remo Repair AVI tool then within moments you’ll be able to repair AVI files not playing in iTunes.

Fascinating Features of Remo Repair AVI Software:

Remo Repair AVI tool has a non damaging type of mechanism i.e. when you repair AVI file using it scans damaged AVI file, after which it creates a replica of that file. It can repair AVI on different versions of Mac OS, which include Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion and Mountain Lion. There exists a Windows version of this repair software, which supports all latest versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Win 8, Windows Vista, Win XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. This powerful repair utility has the ability of repairing damaged AVI files on different types of secondary storage device like thumb drives, external hard drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, memory cards, etc. Apart from AVI files, it is capable of repairing damaged XviD and DivX files. There exists a demo version of this tool, which can be used to evaluate product before purchase. If you feel satisfied with demo version then purchase it licensed version.



Repairing Wrong Length AVI files on Windows

“I have a few AVI files on my PC and all files play perfectly except one. This clip is of wrong length and it doesn’t match the payback time. I have no idea as to what’s wrong with the file and not sure what has to be done here to bring it back to normal. I asked my friends and was said to repair the said file with any repair tool that I find on the internet. As this AVI file is quite important to me, I don’t wish to mess up things either so I need some advice as to which is the best or the safest repair tool that I can employ.”

One of the safest AVI repair tool is Remo Repair AVI. This repair tool can guarantee to you that your original file is safe and gives expected results at the end.

AVI is the short for ‘audio video interleave’ and is a file format utilized for playing videos. It was introduced by Microsoft and it combines both audio and video streams together which makes it one of the most chosen file format among other such as MPEG, MP4 and so on. It’s also the most widely used file format to stream and save videos on websites such as Skype, Gmail,  YouTube and so on. AVI files can get corrupt at any moment and the first thing to do is repair them at the earliest. Users may also come across AVI files that are not synchronized, wrong length and so on. These files may play up to a certain limit and then truncate itself leaving the user annoyed. Various reasons for AVI file corruption on Windows are listed below.

  • Viruses present on the storage media pose a threat to AVI files and chances are they may access the AVI files in an unauthorized manner and leave them in a corrupt state.
  • There is a high chance of AVI files getting corrupt when they are interrupted during transfer or while they’re being downloaded from the internet.
  • Power surges when an AVI file is being played can cause them to be terminated in an unsafe manner.
  • Using a media player which doesn’t support AVI file codec may cause damage to them.
  • Other reasons that cause AVI file damage are: bad sectors on the storage medium where the AVI files are saved, AVI file header damage, application failure and so on.

Remo Repair AVI

This repair tool can fix all issues related to AVI files and is one of the most recommended software to repair AVI files. This application can also be used to repair XVID and DIVX files on Windows. One can also download the trial version of this software before buying the full version so he gets an insight about the performance of this repair tool. It also supports to repair AVI files saved on storage devices such as memory cards, USB drives, flash drives and so on. It binds the audio and video streams together to produce an AVI file that is free from corruption and damage. It’s also compatible on all versions of Windows such as Vista, Windows 8, 7, 2000, 2003 as well as Windows XP. It offers an easy to use GUI for repairing AVI files that requires just a few clicks to accomplish the task.