Easy Method to Fix External Hard Drive No Media Error

The external hard disk drive is widely used to back up vital files and folders. But, if you use external HDD on a regular basis, sometimes you may encounter “No Media Error”. This error can be caused because of the faulty port, corrupted drivers, and several other factors. There are numerous reasons that can cause this error and that’s why there are different solutions available to fix this problem.

Troubleshooting tips to determine actual cause for “no media error” and easy solution to fix it:

  • Sometimes, a bad or loose connection between the USB port and the external HDD can cause “no media error”. So try to connect your external drive properly to the USB port in order to make the drive accessible.
  • If the external drive error is because of faulty port then try plugging your drive into different ports in order to resolve the problem.
  • Try to connect your external HDD to another PC and check whether it works. If the external drive is working on another system then it means your external hard drive is good and the issue is with your computer.
  • Windows and Mac use different file systems like NTFS and HFS respectively for USB and external storage devices. So if you have been using your external HDD with Windows then it might cause the problem on Mac and vice versa. To resolve the issue, you need to format the external drive in Mac in order to work it properly on Mac OS.
  • In case, if an external hard drive is corrupted and contain bad sectors then the issue can be fixed by running chkdsk repair utility. The chkdsk tool will check your entire drive and try to fix them if it finds any. Here is how to run chkdsk:
  1. Press Windows keys + R to open the search box.
  2. Type cmd in the search box and click Enter
  3. Type chkdskG: /R and press Enter. Don’t forget to replace “G” with your external drive letter.

Technique to Fix Audio and Video File Not Playing in PowerPoint

PowerPoint: PowerPoint application is the complete presentation graphic image. It provides you all you need to generate a professional looking presentation. Using this PowerPoint application we can perform many tasks like creating a presentation file with many slide, you can also format the presentation slide using powerful slide master, you can also keep all presentation slide in single file, with speaker note. You can also import the files which are created in any other Microsoft products like MS Word and MS Excel. PowerPoint application is used by many professional users to present their project and presentation to many people and they can also add some attachments like audio, video, animations to make presentation more attractive to the viewers. You can connect the device which contains presentation file to the projector and display the presentation in big screen.

Basic method to create the PowerPoint presentation files on your system:

When you open the PowerPoint application and select new then you see the default theme and template. You need to select the theme you need for your presentation and choose create option. Next in home tab you need to select new slide option and choose the slide layout. To save the presentation, you need to go to file tab and select save option then you get the option to select the path to save your PowerPoint presentation file, then give the filename to your presentation and select save option.

Now you can create your presentation by adding the text in the slide and pictures, sound and animations. You can also select the number of slide you need and also add and remove the side’s in-between. You can also make your text with your necessary font size, style and color according to your slide background color. Finally, after creating the presentation you can save your file.

In some situation the attachments like audio and video which has been inserted in the PowerPoint presentation won’t get play when you play the presentation. PowerPoint embedded video won’t play issue is caused when your PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged, or your attachment i.e. audio and video file might be damaged so that it is not playing on your PowerPoint file.

To fix this issue, we need to follow some procedure on your system. If your audio and video file itself is corrupted or damaged, then try to remove those file from the presentation and add new one. The main reason for files gets damaged is that when you are inserting the audio and video file, if some interruption occurs then your audio and video file won’t get inserted completely so that you face audio and video file not play in PowerPoint file.

If your PowerPoint file is corrupted or damaged, then you can make use of some advanced repair application like Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your system.

Problem which are associated with your computer

If you are technology lover then it must be useful for you. We are going to discuss about the things which may slow the system. There are various reasons responsible for crawling of system. Let’s discuss few of them and ways to speed up the system.

It is most annoying for any users when system is crawling while doing something important on system. It was like throw the system out of the window. So Guys!!! This article deals with the problems and fixes related to slow down of computer.

Open Multiple Tab on Browser

This may slow down your computer or sometimes Brower pop up notification error like “Browser is not responding”. It is not a great job to open number of tabs once. In order to resolve this issue, you can bookmark the website and open when necessary.

Never Leave your Computer Open

It’s a habit of lots of people to keep the system open while leaving office or home. It is true that it saves few minutes in system booting. But you should leave this habit as soon as possible as it shorten the lifespan of your computer.

Multiple Programs at a Time

This must be seen that users have opened lots of program at a time like Music player on one side, several browsers on the other side, installing several programs, etc. There is nothing wrong in this but it slow down the system as compared with normal condition. So try to open the program which is necessary don’t overload the processor.

Old Computer

The speed of computer gradually decreases with the time. Like living species computer’s efficiency goes down as the time passes. If you repairs one thing then you have problem in other hardware. So the smart decision is to replace the computer with the new ones.

Access Denied

There are various reasons due to which hard drive become inaccessible. Some are them are mentioned below:

  • Virus attack
  • Error in file system
  • Remove external drive abruptly

Under such condition, user is unable to read stored in hard drive. It is really horrible for users as it leads to severe data loss from hard drive. However, it is possible to fix access denied hard drive in few easy steps.

2017 Best App for Windows Phone

Here we are going to explain you the best Windows Phone app for 2017 which help you to decide which app to download:

Even though the Windows phone is not much popular as iPhone or Android but it is popular certainly within the business circle. But how you come to know that you are using the best app for business in your Windows phone device?  Now lest see some of the best app for Windows phone device:

Adobe Photoshop Express

In case of iPhone or Android iteration, it gives much more editing application to make your picture more wonderful and shine. White balance, noise, Crop, tone, adjust red eye and so on it is common thing that you need to have even if you are not a photographer. The actions which are mentions require only one or two of screen to transform completely the snaps by making easy for everyone to use.

1Password Beta:

The most popular account and password directory for Windows phone is 1Password which secures your entities by encrypting. At the time of writing the Windows mobile will be in public beta, which offers the faster performance and improved search.

Adobe Reader

For, editing, viewing, sharing PDFs and converting Adobe Reader is the most popular application. Using this application you can view the PDF file directly from the email and more. The PDF file which is protected with password can also be viewed with the help of this app, also we can convert RTF, DOC, and share the files and doc within the team members easily.

Calendar Pro Free

This app is pretty straight forward but the frequency of use by us is very best worth your time. Calendar Pro is the rated highest scheduling app on Windows mobile which offers a deep integration and smart interface with live accounts.

Call Recorder

This app is very essential than audio recording app, using this app you can record the phone call conversation. Later you can play back or upload it to one drive to save them or share it so that you can follow that phone call conversation. You can also protect the sensitive calls by password top keep the conversation more confidential.

AirWatch MDM Agent

The management tool which relies collaboration and communication for the company, this application can also be used with the AirWatch console to manage and monitor all systems across the company. This application keep the track of everything in company and it is easily setup and use.


You might feel difficulty and might lead to cluttered desk to keep the track of the paper business cards but CamCard app cuts the physical mess by storing contact details in the e-card format. You can just scan the card using your phone camera and then read the information completely.

Body is the Password for Banking

For digital banking financial services industry is innovative age. Increasing in individual banking is a driving of transformation through tablets, Smartphone’s and digital channels. Banks are shifting the address by changing of the new digital technology to automate processes by creating new products and services. Customer data is helpful in given that insight and impacting banks’ upcoming customer strategies. Even if the many strategies have come already are impacting powerfully on the customer lifestyle.

Data analytics will power your experience

Banks arrange data around the client to obtain personalize and insights the customers’ experiences. Data are used more effectively and faster to proactively solve business problem and customer problems. It allow banks to view the new pattern to help client to find correct product or to help improve customer services in their lifestyles. Data can also help the banks to identify fraudulent behaviors.

Virtual assistant at your service

The chances are you have make used of your mobiles to talk to a virtual personal assistant who can answer all your questions and also gives you right direction and best suggestions. This AI (artificial intelligence) determined technology is fetching more ubiquitous even in banking. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are permitting banks to be taught about their client and give them valuable advice. Just imagine that an AI-assistant has the capacity to be your personal advocate as it directs you about the complex and the very important financial decision at place of your choosing and at a time. This method is fetching the reality with few banks by offering clients AI-assistants which can provide the clients about opportunities and spending habits to decrease debit or to save the money.

You are your password

Biometric authentication technology which includes face, eye, voice, palm prints and thumb is an increasing area in financial services. With the help of biometrics, banks are building authentication easier, faster and simpler for clients who experience burdened by passwords and user IDs. Few corporate bank clients by using their mobile phones they are scanning the eyes in place of a password and ID to open their bank account. Consumer banking clients are using their voice and thumbprints.

Cognitive Computing which Touch Our Life in 2017

Cognitive computing is quickly infusing in our lives. In 2017, the cognitive revolution rides on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Here are my guesses for the various ways in which you might encounter cognitive technology.

Use of cognitive productivity application: Even if you handle to keep away intelligent personal assistants in your life as a consumer, you might find yourself strongly encouraged to make use of them in your work life. In 2017, several enterprises will either retrofit their on hand productivity applications with cognitive capabilities or obtain new services that natively embed these capabilities. Enterprises in all industries will build up their highest-priority strategic applications on machine learning, AI and virtual assistant technologies.

Experience cognitive customer service: Most of the e-commerce applications include in-line chatbots that pop out automatically recommend products for you to buy, and if not make your customer experience more satisfying. Following the natural language chat interface are cognitive algorithms that are construct and tuned by data scientists through real-world experiments, A/B tests, and predictive analytics resources in line to merchants applications. If you have not meet cognitive chatbots in your online shopping experience already, you are about to assured in 2017.

Engage in a cognitive crowdsourcing initiative: The cognitive revolution depends on a stable flow of training data that has been charged, tagged, labeled, and otherwise curated by humans. Additional of this training data, which is necessary for building and refining the machine learning algorithms that strengthen all cognitive computing, will come from crowdsourcing communities that work 24/7 all over the world. In future, more people will involve themselves in these crowdsourcing initiatives for the initial time, on purpose or otherwise, by responding to image-recognition CAPTCHA challenges to access into the online accounts.

Spot a cognitive vehicle in the wild: Even if they have not appeared into the consumer mainstream, you certainly see more self-directed vehicles on the roads. Some of us might even take our initial ride as passengers or perhaps reliable manual operators of self-driving cars over the next few months.

Develop a cognitive application: Self-service data-science application and starter kits are enabling people from a wide range of trained backgrounds to join the cognitive revolution as developers. In 2017, large number of self-taught cognitive developers aka citizen data scientists will start to participate in high-priority enterprise projects. They will utilize open source tools to develop complicated products that incorporate natural language dispensation, embedded deep learning, computer vision, emotion analytics, conversational chatbots, geospatial contextualization, situational awareness, streaming media analytics and other difficult cognitive features.

Acquire a cognitive appliance: In our lifetime, every man made objects will either be retrofitted with machine learning, AI, and natural language processing capacity or it will be planned from those capabilities. In 2017, we are expected to work together with AI-driven apps embedded in wearable and other devices.

Office for Mac Will Update Soon Essential Apps

Microsoft discharged Outlook for Mac 15, outbound from its history of bundling the application with its workplace for mack suite. Also new was that the release was targeted exclusively at Office 365 customers and not made available as a standalone product. It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the merchandise.

Since introducing a brand new Office add-in platform with Office 2013, we have now collaborated with firms like Uber, Yelp, and PickIt, whose products and services are built-in in a moment into Office. Today, we are excited to announce the extension of upload-ins to Office for Mac (to be had later this spring), centralized deployment and the programmatic advent of answer-particular ribbons and buttons.

For instance, Starbucks is making associate degree Outlook add-in that permits alternative people to ship Starbucks e-presents within of Outlook associate degree time table conferences at native Starbucks places as a different of a convention space. In the longer term, Starbucks plans to allow workers to cellular order proper inside the Office revel in providing comfort and saving time.

The application was documented in Office Blogs simply as “Outlook for Mac”. it absolutely was not documented as Outlook 2015, avoiding any hint about the name of ensuring the version of Office for Mac—presumably “Office for Mac 2015”. The only versioning Microsoft has provided is “15.3” as shown in Outlook’s About Outlook menu.

While the application includes some major under the hood changes, the interface is practically the same as it’s Outlook 2011 predecessor. It boasts very little new practicality. New functionality that was added was almost exclusively for Office 365 customers. Some long-standing options were truly removed too.

Other new add-in features are coming soon

Of course, Office add-ins for the Mac aren’t the sole developer goodies Microsoft is adding to its productivity suite.
Add-in developers will soon be able to create toolbar buttons and drop-down menus for add-ins (making them more seamless with the rest of the app), new add-in deployment tools for IT administrators, add-ins for OneNote, and the ability to install add-ins that aren’t on the market through the workplace Store (a method well-known as “sideloading”). Check out the Office Dev Center if you’re interested in learning more.


Most notable about Outlook is Microsoft now stores the indexing database in an SQLite database instead of a proprietary format. An SQLite database could be a self-contained database requiring no server backend and its source code is the property right. Individual mail messages, attachments, and alternative Outlook information are still held on in a folder hierarchy, which is indexed by the database for faster retrieval. Microsoft claims the new database format provides better overall performance.

Missing from the Outlook Profile Manager.app tool is any methodology for repairing the info. Microsoft not makes this a feature of Outlook for mack. once Outlook detects the SQLite info desires repair, it’ll prompt the user.

Also missing is the Microsoft Database Daemon process that ran in the background. The daemon was answerable for a lot of the method in Outlook 2011 and retinue. Outlook no longer includes a background process. That also means Outlook Reminders has no method for displaying alerts for upcoming events or other reminders when Outlook isn’t running. The application must be running for those to work.


Office 365 includes a replacement feature called Apps, which are cross-platform widgets that work not only in a web browser but supporting mail clients like Outlook. Apps extend functionality based on the content of a message. they’ll show associate inline Bing map, integrate with contact management systems like SAP and Google contacts or even track package shipments.

Apps ar other to associate workplace 365 accounts on-line and then seem in Outlook. to feature or take away apps, click the Manage Apps button at the top of a message body in Outlook.

How to Fix the Gmail Glitch that Makes Your Email Run Slow

Google is experiencing a defect that’s inflicting the webmail service to figure slower than usual for a few users. It’s not a significant matter, a minimum of not just like the outage many days past, however users area unit finding it tough to access conversations among multiple individuals.

The problem is with Gmail’s individual’s appliance, one thing that solely affects webmail users. The appliance is enabled by default, however this will be altered from Gmail’s settings.

The process is kind of easy. You would like to click on the gear icon on the highest right corner of the screen, head to Settings and click on the “Hide the individuals Widget” lower on the page. Scroll all the manner down, save the changes and you’re regarding done.

  1. images (8)If You’re perpetually Forgetting regarding necessary Emails

You’ll love the “pin” feature. Simply hover over Associate in Nursing email, faucet the push-pin icon, and voilà—the message is place front and center in your inbox till you un-pin it. You’ll even activate a perform that may solely show stapled emails.

  1. If You Hate trifling gap Messages simply to check the Attachments

You’ll love the “preview” future. With regular email, attachments area unit indicated by somewhat gem clip. However Inbox takes this manner, manner more by truly showing you what the attachments area unit and permitting you to open them while not gap the e-mail. This includes documents, pictures, stand out spreadsheets, videos—you name it.

  1. If You Hate however untidy Your Inbox Gets

You’ll love the “bundle” feature. Bundling mechanically kinds your email into categories—kind of like Gmail’s primary, social, and promotions tabs, however rather more refined (and simple to use). The integral classes embrace travel, purchases, finance, and updates, and you’ll conjointly add your own. Emails of an equivalent class can seem along in your inbox.

  1. If You Hate Clearing Out Your Inbox
  2. You’ll love the “sweep” feature. This permits you to archive whole bundles at once: simply click the checkmark on top of a bundle, and it’ll be swooped out of sight, saving you the difficulty of manually browsing and archiving individual messages.

And don’t worry—if you’ve stapled a message, it’ll stick around in your inbox.

  1. If You Hate Having to recollect to Answer Emails

You’ll love the “snooze” feature. If you get Associate in nursing email at Associate in nursing inconvenient time, Inbox enables you to schedule it to return back later. Simply click the clock icon and choose a time (from a precise day and hour to “someday”). It’ll disappear from your inbox till then, therefore you won’t have to be compelled to keep reminding yourself you continue to get to answer.

How will It Work?

The new feature doesn’t essentially modification the character of email by introducing some style of magic recall protocol. It’s truly a really easy mechanism: Gmail merely delays causation your email for X quantity of your time therefore you have got a window at intervals that you’ll decide you don’t wish to send the e-mail in any case.

Once that window of your time passes the e-mail is distributed unremarkably and can’t be undone because it is already transferred from your mail server to the recipient’s mail server.

2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

As 2015 is ending up, we should start thinking about the digital marketing horizon in the coming year. Well, marketers with large and small budgets often make sure which investments will provide the biggest profits.

To inform you about the provided options, we publish a series of prediction posts regarding different areas of digital marketing. This post is about the stock full of paid advertising predictions for the coming year. Here, you’ll find the key topics and trends that are going to build steam at Top Rank Marketing and will only continue to increase in 2016.

Social Advertising

The social media advertising has been predicted to reach $29.9 billion in 2016 over the world which is 69% increase since 2014. Excluding the final numbers for 2015, social commerce was seen to drive $30 billion in 2015, that is 50% increase over 2014.

Social media advertising gains many benefits over B2B and B2C advertisers but it is expected to have more opportunities surrounding ad formats starting from Snapchat’s Two Cent Video Ads, Pinterest’s Motion-Based Ads, to Twitter’s Promoted Moments and Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, and across all platforms in 2016.

The plan for more opportunities often leads to confusion as the marketers face real challenge in figuring out which social advertising opportunity will be the best fit for their business and what should be the budget. Social media sites like Snapchat provides advertisement platform but the entry fee is really high.

While social media is increasing as a sales channel, it is gaining similar growth from a lead generation and raising points. We basically had on-going elaboration programs running for the past two years on several channels such as LinkedIn and the performance has been really improved. For news, paid social is the best deal to do.

Video Advertising

According to estimation, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video and hence in 2016, companies should be focused on video advertising regardless of promoting videos via native advertising on Instagram or Vine, or in-stream/in-display video ads on YouTube. The budgets shifting from standard search to video based advertising has already started to be seen for several clients and this trend is really going grow high.

As all videos vary from one another, creating a video especially for B2B companies can be a real challenge. There were many clients who produced videos and come to us for amplification hoping that it would be great fit for YouTube but were disappointed to see that their in-search numbers are low. Therefore, it’s time for B2B advertisers to start looking at layering in big data.

Micro-Level Advertising

All major platforms like Account or personal marketing have increased their targeting options this year which is awesome. But, the real shift seen here is the clients starting to clasp Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and automation meaning making big waves from Native DSPs like Taboola to old standbys like Rocket Fuel and emerging Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platforms like Terminus and Marketo’s new offering around ABM. But, for micro targeting needs micro content to get successful .

Especially for B2B’s we’ll find out more advertising dollars invested in big-data and DSP’s that sends content to specific persona. You need to spend more money for increased targeting and automation in 2016 provided, you have powerful content to make the media expenditure worthy.

Keywords & Integration

Nowadays, its often seen or heard that keywords are dead. However, AdWords are improving their dynamic search capabilities and if it goes well, then others will be following shortly. With better indexing and new sub-categories, dynamic search has become more predictable and hence, it requires a technically, well structured website and high quality content.

All marketers need to watch on integration but it seems like Google is going to start forcing us to do so. With 65% of control over the search share from Google, you need to ensure that you are deploying an integrated digital marketing strategy.

What Are Your Paid Advertising Predictions For 2016?

Based on our predictions, the social and video advertising, both targeting and integrated strategy will be the key parts of a successful paid advertising strategy in 2016.

What is Quantum Computing Threat?

Modern cryptography such as elliptic curve cryptography helps in securing internet payments, banking transactions, emails and even phone conversations. Most of today’s cryptographic algorithms are based on public-key encryption as it is considered to be secure against modern computer attacks. But still, Quantum computing can simply break this security by performing reverse computing of private keys that too faster than a conventional computer.


Although, quantum computers are not so strong yet, it could attack conventional cryptographic algorithms and hence many national governments and organizations have analyzed about the risk involved when this technology becomes a practical reality.

Specially, the Military agencies and leading technology companies have already started developing quantum computers as it can process massive amounts of data in a relatively short amount of time. With the practical and theoretical research, the practical quantum computer may be launched very soon.

Conventional cryptographic systems offer computational security but not really 100% as the strength of  current cryptographic algorithms rely on complex mathematical problems, such as integer factorization and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem.

These problems can be solved only by using large-scale quantum computers which can easily crack conventional algorithms. As a result, security experts have begun designing new encryption algorithms that are quantum-resistant and can’t be cracked as quickly as conventional algorithms.


Newly, the National Security Agency (NSA) publicly announced their plans for transitioning to quantum resistant algorithms against the quantum computing threat. This action has raised concerns over Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that is used extensively in securing the World Wide Web.

Quantum computers will be a threat to both symmetric key algorithms and asymmetric public key algorithms as they can break every single popular public key algorithm in a fraction of seconds. Quantum algorithms such as Shor’s algorithm could be used to recover an RSA key to some extend but quantum computers are still to be improved.

Post-quantum cryptography is being used specially for designing cryptographic algorithms that are secure against quantum computers attack. It is estimated that 2048-bit RSA keys could be broken on a quantum computer comprising 4000 qubits and 100 million gates, though few public-key algorithms are still unbreakable.

Quantum cryptography is developed through complex mathematical problems to provide stronger security than traditional one. Therefore, quantum computing as a reality will result in re-engineering and enhancements in current cryptographic systems.

It may take little time for large-scale quantum computers to become a reality but experts are trying their best to figure out cryptographic mechanisms to convert to the new schemes that resist quantum attacks. This transition which is really a tough task should take place soon before our systems become vulnerable to attacks.