Solution to Repair PowerPoint Freezes

When user working on PowerPoint file they faces some situation like PowerPoint file freeze, hanging and some other error then you look for what to do when your PowerPoint freezes at that time we can suggest some troubleshooting method to fix this type of issues in PowerPoint file.

Troubleshooting steps to fix PowerPoint file freezes issue on your system:

  • You need to check whether your system is up to date and latest version of MS Office update is installed.
  • In some situation Antivirus program is conflict with the PowerPoint then you need to disable all PowerPoint integration.

If you cannot able to repair the PowerPoint issue using troubleshooting method then you can use PowerPoint inbuilt repair office.

Here we are telling simple inbuilt repair procedure to fix PowerPoint file freezes issue:

First you need to close all the running MS Office application on your system. Next, you need to prefer control panel and select programs and features option. In the installed list you need to right click on MS Office version and select change option then choose repair button.

When above mention two repair methods won’t work to fix the PowerPoint file freezes issue then you can go for Remo Repair PowerPoint tool which is the amazing software to repair all type of problems occurred in PowerPoint file on your system.

Why we need to use Remo Repair PowerPoint application to fix the issue of PowerPoint freezes?

If you are facing PowerPoint freezes, error or hanging issue on your system then it can be easily repaired by using Remo Repair PowerPoint application. Application used advanced repair method to fix PowerPoint file issues like corruption, damage, broken header, error and freezes by using simple repair steps on your pc.

If your PowerPoint file which gets freezes while using is protected with password by user can this tool without any difficulty fixes those encrypted PowerPoint file. You can also recover the PowerPoint slide after performing repair process from corrupted PowerPoint file.

You can perform repair of PowerPoint file without any difficulty by installing this tool on both Mac and Windows OS because this application is user friendly in nature. PowerPoint file which are saved in some eternal storage disk can be easily repaired using this software.

Using free demo tool of Remo Repair PowerPoint you can effectively repair all type of issues occurred in PowerPoint and later by purchasing the tool you can save those files on your preferred storage path on your system.

Reasons for PowerPoint freeze and stop working on your system:           

  • If you have not updated your PowerPoint file to the latest version then your PowerPoint file gets freeze or stop working when you are using it on your system.
  • If the PowerPoint application which has been installed gets corrupted then you face an issue of PowerPoint freeze issue on your pc.
  • If PowerPoint is currently used by any other processor then your PowerPoint stop working or get hanged.

These are some reasons for PowerPoint freezes but you can fix them by using some repair procedure on your system as explained above.

Program to Fix PowerPoint File

Method to fix the issues of PowerPoint files using Remo Repair PowerPoint application:

To fix the issues of PowerPoint file we need to follow the steps of Remo Repair PowerPoint which is mentioned below.Repair PPT File

Download and Install the tool: First download the free demo edition which is provided by Remo Repair PowerPoint software on your system and then install the program.

Launch the repair tool and choose the PowerPoint file to fix: launch the downloaded program using run option then choose your PowerPoint file which has an issue using browse button present in the program screen.

Start the repair process: By choosing repair button, Remo Repair PowerPoint program begins the fixing process of PowerPoint files issue on Windows.

Use Preview button to verify the repaired files: As soon the repair process gets over, you can view the entire repaired PowerPoint file with its description with the help of preview button.

Save the repaired files: if you are convinced with the outcome of fixing process performed by Remo Repair PowerPoint tool then you can save those files by purchasing the licensed version of the repair application.

By using above repair points of Remo Repair PowerPoint application, we can repair PowerPoint file issue occurred on Windows OS.

What is the advantage of using Remo Repair PowerPoint software to fix the issue of PPT files?

  1. Fix the PowerPoint issue: Remo Repair PowerPoint software is the efficient tool to perform repair process of PPT files issues and which can competently repairs all kinds of issues occurred in PowerPoint and PPTX files.
  2. Safe to utilize this repair tool: This tool is perfect repair tool to fix PPT file issue because it copies all necessary items of PPT file later it generate a new PPT file with all copied content.
  3. Uses automated fixing process: It uses automated fixing process to perform repair process of PPT file issue and it allows us to save all fixed PPT file to any accessible storage path, along with footers and headers of file.
  4. Some additional advantages: After the repair process, we can also check the capacity of the tool once before buying the application from online and also PowerPoint repair process can be performed in all versions of Windows OS.

Causes for PowerPoint file issue on Windows:

  • When your Windows pc is affected with virus then it damages your PPT files and also PPT file contents, then it leads to PPT files issue and it won’t open on Windows.
  • If user uses wrong recovery technique to get back the deleted / lost PPT file, but the software has not recovered your PowerPoint files completely then it leads to PowerPoint file corruption due to incomplete recovery.
  • If interruption occurs when you are downloading the PPT files from internet like connectivity issue, then it might corrupt your PowerPoint file and you cannot able to access on Windows.

These are some causes for PowerPoint file issues on Windows but it can be solved by making use of Remo Repair PowerPoint application and its repair procedure as discussed.

How to Fix Corrupted PPTX Presentation?

“I prepared my project presentation till yesterday night in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint application and saved it in my Windows computer. Now, I am trying to open the same file but it is not opening at all, rather it is showing error messages like “this file cannot be opened”. I have no clue what happened to my file suddenly over night? Can anyone tell me the reason behind this action?”

The above scenario directly indicates that the PPTX file has been corrupted due to some or the other unwanted issues that occurred in your computer. As you are dealing with machine, it is obvious to get various scenarios which may corrupt your important files including .pptx presentations. Just sneak a peek on some of such annoying factors below:

  • Severe system infection due to deadly virus, malware or spyware attack
  • Abrupt closure of .pptx file created on PowerPoint 2010 and above versions
  • Improper compression of the PPTX files with some third party tools
  • Use of faulty PowerPoint application to create or edit PPTX presentation
  • PowerPoint PPTX file transfer through some unsecured computer network
  • Sudden PC shut down due to power failure while accessing .pptx file
  • Changing file extension of PowerPoint file from .pptx to other format
  • Interruption while downloading PPTX file from specific internet sources

There exists many more factors similar to the above mentioned ones which causes severe corruption to the PowerPoint presentation created on PowerPoint version 2010 and above.

“Is there any possibilities to fix such corrupted PPTX files?”

Yes of course! You just need some useful third party tool which can repair corrupt PPTX file with ease. You are lucky enough to have one of the same application called Remo Repair PowerPoint.

What makes Remo PowerPoint Repair Application so beneficial?

This simplistic program has been imposed with special and effective algorithms which helps for scanning and fixing corrupted PPTX files quickly and efficiently. It is a widely used PowerPoint repair utility that helps for repairing corrupt PPTX files along with the recovery of all its related attributes like slides, images, charts, tables, animations, effects, graphics, links, and many more.

Remarkable features of Remo PowerPoint Repair utility

  • Can easily fix corrupt, damaged, broken and inaccessible PPTX files in a matter of minutes
  • Even repairs Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of PPT, PPTX and PPS file extensions
  • Completely automated repair process that performs corrupt PPTX file repair in just five simple steps
  • Runs on read only mode and does not erase original file contents while fixing corrupted PPTX file
  • PPTX files that are of large size or encrypted or compressed can be easily fixed that too with utmost accuracy
  • Very easy to install and simple to use interface that helps even a novice user to operate the tool and mend corrupt PowerPoint PPTX Presentation without any difficulty
  • Provides preview option which allows you to analyze the repaired .pptx files along with its respective components before saving them in some accessible storage device
  • Works on all the latest versions of Windows operating system starting from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008, 2003, etc.
  • Has high potential to repair corrupt PPTX file created in different versions of MS PowerPoint like (2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000)

Additionally, Remo Repair PowerPoint wizard enables you with demo version of the product so that you can examine the potential of the utility before going for real purchase. It also provides 24 / 7 assistance for solving any queries regarding software and its functionality, either through live chat or raising support tickets. So, use this proficient application and fix corrupted PPTX presentation without any sort of effort.

How to Fix Corrupt PowerPoint 2013 File Easily?

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to design presentation slides to be displayed on a projection system in order to make the presentation more attractive and appealing. You can add images, sounds, videos, text, charts etc. in PPTX slide in order to create an interactive presentation. It stores the file with .pptx file extension. MS PowerPoint 2013 is the latest version of PowerPoint application, which has more stability and performance improvements. It is having so many features like slide zoom, more built-in codec’s, slide navigator, auto-extend feature, theme variants, improved video and audio support, etc.

Sometimes you will get some error messages like “PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”, “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by .pptx”, etc. while opening a PowerPoint file. Or sometimes you may face problems like object does not appear in PPTX file, animations doesn’t work as expected, text overlapping, etc. All these problems come due to PPTX file corruption. As everyone knows, it will take a lot of time and hard work to design a presentation slide. A PowerPoint file may be large as it contains several slides with various file-objects. Due to this large size and complex structure, the PowerPoint file may get easily corrupted. But you don’t have to worry in these situations, as Remo Repair PowerPoint is there to help you, which can repair corrupted PowerPoint 2013 efficiently.

Remo Repair PowerPoint can fix any severely corrupted, damaged or broken PowerPoint file within some simple steps in an easy and accurate way. Its deep scanning algorithm will help you repair and extract all the contents from the corrupted PowerPoint file without modifying the file as it works in read only mode. After mending process, you can view the contents of the PowerPoint slide before saving the file. It comes with a friendly user interface, so you can effortlessly repair corrupt PowerPoint 2013 file in a quick and accurate way. The software is available in demo version also, so that you can evaluate the utility features before going for the original purchase. You will get satisfied with its features for sure.

What makes the PPTX file corrupted:

  • Improper installation or upgradation of Microsoft PowerPoint application
  • Header file corruption of PPTX file
  • Attack of harmful virus, spyware, malware, etc.
  • Presence of bad sector at the storage device of PowerPoint file
  • Microsoft PowerPoint software malfunction
  • Incomplete download of PPTX file from internet or incomplete copying of PPTX from external devices like USB, CD, etc.
  • Abrupt termination of MS PowerPoint application while creating a PowerPoint file
  • Unknowingly changing the file extension of PowerPoint file

Key Features of Remo Repair PowerPoint Software:

Remo Repair PowerPoint tool can easily fix severely corrupted PPT, PPTX and PPS file formats and helps you to get back all your inaccessible PowerPoint data within the shortest period of time. Its powerful mechanism ensures that no data loss occurs during the recovery operation. This utility mends and recovers the text, formatting, clip arts, sound effects, images, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks from corrupted PPTX files easily. It can repair PowerPoint files created on all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint application like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc. without much difficulty and you can store the fixed PowerPoint files in any location accessible to the system. The software can be installed in all Windows Operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, etc.