How to Repair Photoshop PSD File on Mac?

Adobe Photoshop application has became the most powerful digital image-processing software, which is used by people for editing or cropping images, designing dynamic web pages, correcting some image faults, add effects to a picture, create 3D images, etc. You can create PSD file in multiple layers with different color modes including Bitmap, gray-scale, indexed color, RGB color, etc. by using the tool. It also provides a number of special effects like shadows, glow, etc. that can be added to the images to give it an extra ordinary look.

Sometimes, you might have gone through a situation like the Photoshop file you have created by putting so much time and effort will not open in Adobe Photoshop application.  It might be because of PSD file corruption. There are so many reasons behind this corruption like virus attack, file system corruption, software crash, etc. However, you don’t have to worry when a situation like this comes, as it is not a big problem since anyone may come across this situation when working on Adobe Photoshop. You can easily fix those inaccessible PSD files by using Remo Repair PSD tool on Mac Operating System in a quick and accurate way.

Remo Repair PSD is designed to have a deep scanning algorithm to repair PSD on Mac without causing any damage to the original Photoshop file. The software can be used for fixing severely corrupt, broken, or damaged Photoshop files along with all its layers and color codes like Bitmap, RGB, gray scale, CMYK etc. within some simple steps. The program comes with a friendly user interface, so anyone can use the application without much difficulty. One of the main advantages of this tool is that, you can download the demo version of the utility from our website if you want to evaluate the features before going for the original purchase. We are providing full time technical assistance for this product in order to help you anytime.

Reasons for PSD file corruption:

  • Incomplete upgradation of Adobe Photoshop Software
  • Abrupt termination of the Photoshop utility while working on a PSD file
  • Adobe Photoshop application malfunctions or tool freeze
  • Error while downloading a PSD file from internet or transferring files over a network
  • Accidental changing of the file extension of Photoshop file while changing its name
  • Unexpected system shut down while creating a .psd file
  • Incomplete copying of Photoshop file from external devices like USB, Memory card, etc.

What makes Remo Repair PSD application different?

The software can fix any corrupt or inaccessible PSD and PDD files effortlessly and can bring back the files to the state it was prior to corruption. It is designed in such a way that it will not get affected by any external threats like viruses, malware, etc. and will complete the repair process in some simple steps. Remo Repair PSD can fix all corrupted Photoshop files created on all Adobe Photoshop versions like Photoshop CC, CS1, CS2, etc. It can mend RLE compressed Photoshop files and the PSD files with depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. This tool supports all versions of Mac operating system including Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, etc. and other earlier versions. It can also recover damaged or corrupt PSD files from the external storage devices like USB flash drives, CD’s, Pen drives, Memory cards, and many others.

How to Fix Photoshop Scratch Disk Full Error?

Photoshop is advanced and widely used photo editing application. This program has gained worldwide popularity because of its unique and effective features compared to other available image editing tools. The Photoshop application consider its primary scratch disk where operating system is installed. Scratch Disk is nothing but a partition or drive of hard disk with free memory i.e., when PC doesn’t have sufficient RAM to carry out an operation, then Photoshop uses the system drive as swap space or virtual memory for creating temporary files and then delete them when they no longer required.

But sometimes, you may come across an error like “Scratch Disk Full” when try to open or access PSD files. There are plenty of reasons behind this issue, and it indicates that the Photoshop file is corrupted and can’t be accessed. Usually, in this type of consequences, most of the users get anxious and start questioning “How to repair Photoshop Scratch Disk Full error?”, “Is it possible to fix Photoshop Scratch Disk Full errors”, “Best tool for repairing Photoshop Scratch Disk Full error”, etc. Just relax!! Now, there is nothing much to get worried about this error as it can be effortlessly fixed using an highly advanced tool named as Remo Repair PSD. This application is specially built to perform Photoshop Scratch Disk Full fix/repair operation in an efficient manner. But before getting into this repair process, know the reasons behind above mentioned error;

Scenarios that results in Photoshop “Scratch Disk Full” error

  • While creating or editing PSD file, if your Photoshop application gets abruptly terminated due to sudden power surge or other reasons, then there are chances for the program to get crashed, and as result, you may encounter Scratch Disk Full error when try to open PSD file.
  • If the Scratch disk memory is full, then you may possibly face an error like Scratch Disk Full in Photoshop. This error usually gets displayed, when you try to open Photoshop program or while editing photo files on this application.
  • The above mentioned error also occurs when you work with large size pictures i.e., if the image size is not enough, then there are chances for your PSD file to get corrupt, and you may face Disk Full error when try to access the file.

The PSD file may get corrupt and becomes unviewable on both Windows and Mac devices due to more reasons, and some of them are as follows;

  • If your system gets infected by harmful viruses like Adware, Spyware, Trojans, etc. then the files stored in it including PSD images gets affected and becomes unresponsive.
  • While transferring or processing PSD files from your system to any portable device, if your system gets abruptly shut down, or if you eject external drive inappropriately, then the PSD files that were under transfer process might get damaged and becomes inaccessible.
  • When you try to open or edit PSD file in an affected app, or incompatible program, then there are chances for PSD file to get damaged.
  • The other reasons that can corrupt PSD file and then leads to Scratch Disk error in Photoshop are header corruption, bad sectors, damaged storage device, power failure, improper upgradation, software malfunction and more.

However, by following few manual steps like deleting Photoshop temp files, clearing disk space, assigning new scratch disk and defragmenting hard drive you can fix above mentioned error, and regain access to your PSD files. But even after doing everything you know, if you get same error, then make utilization of Remo Repair PSD software as it can efficiently repair Photoshop Scratch Disk error within a short span of time.

Why Remo Repair PSD?

Remo Repair PSD if an excellent and most recommended utility for fixing Scratch Disk Full error in Photoshop. It offers quick, safe and easy process to fix any kind of PSD error. The software has strong scanning and repairing engine to find and repair a corrupt file. It has ability to repair a PSD file created on different versions of Adobe Photoshop such as Photoshop 5.5, 6, 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS 6. Remo Repair PSD is also compatible to both Windows (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows, XP, Windows 8, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003) as well as on Mac (OS X 5.5, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Yosemite) OS based machines. Other than PSD, it can also repair PDD files. It has potential to repair large, compressed Photoshop file with its color mode. It has intuitive user interface using which both technical and novice users can fix the PSD errors within few simple clicks. Remo Repair PSD performs read only operation so, it doesn’t alter original PDD or PSD files. The preview option enables you to evaluate its performance as it facilitates you to view the fixed Photoshop file before restoration.

Repairing Corrupt PSD files on Mac OS

“I have a PSD file on my Mac OS that’s corrupt and isn’t opening by any means. I also tried opening it on different applications but wasn’t successful in opening it. I used a repair tool as well but the file was too large to be repaired by the said repair tool and it couldn’t repair my PSD file. Can someone suggest me a PSD repair tool that accepts large PSD files and repairs it without any trouble?”

One of only PSD repair software that accepts and effortlessly repairs PSD files is Remo Repair PSD. This repair tool is also available in a trial version which the users can download before buying the complete version.

Photoshop is an application used widely to create or even edit images. One can find various versions of Photoshop and every version offers you more powerful tools for editing images. Some of the versions of Photoshop include Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS6 and CS5. Photoshop files are saved by Adobe Photoshop with either a PSD or PDD file extension. Adobe Photoshop on the same hand is platform independent and runs on Windows as well as on Mac OS. However the Photoshop files saved particularly on Mac OS are not safe. A user might work on a PSD file for hours and may wake up the next day only to find his file corrupt. At such situations it’s highly recommended to repair the PSD file using repair software such as Remo Repair PSD. Let’s have closer look at the most common scenarios responsible for PSD file damage on Mac OS:

  • Terminating or closing the Photoshop application in an unsafe manner when a PSD file is active.
  • Interrupting a PSD file while it’s being transferred or downloaded from the internet.
  • Power failure when a PSD file is active on the Mac OS.
  • Internal errors may be generated if the Photoshop application is not installed in a right way on your Mac.
  • There’s a high chance of PSD files getting damaged when upgrading the Photoshop application on your Mac.
  • Saving PSD files on a system having bad sectors and so on.

Remo Repair PSD

This PSD repair tool repairs PSD as well as PDD files on Mac OS. It’s also compatible on all versions of Mac OS. It repairs your PSD files no matter how badly it’s damaged since it makes use of an advanced algorithm to scan and fix the issues. It repairs PSD files saved on any storage device such as internal hard drives, flash memories, USB storage devices, external storage devices and so on. You can repair corrupt/damaged PDD and PSD files created on all versions of Abode Photoshop by utilizing this repair software. You also get an easy to use interface with this repair software which is simple to follow and use. It is also capable of fixing corrupt Photoshop file layers on Mac OS. Once your PSD files are repaired successfully, you can view them and later save it to any preferred location on your Mac OS.

How can I protect the PSD files on my Mac OS?

  • It’s highly advised to keep a backup of all PSD files on a separate storage device so you don’t have to worry when the PSD files on your Mac are damaged.
  • Avoid any sort of interruption when a PSD file is being downloaded or transferred from the Mac to another storage device.

Fix Photoshop layers on Mac OS

“I’ve got a PSD file on my Mac which isn’t opening up and is showing me an error message saying the layers on the file cannot be read. I’ve never encountered an issue as such and I don’t know how to proceed with this. Can someone please tell me what needs to be done here so I can once again get to work on the said PSD file?”

You don’t need to worry about it. By using a recommended and a safe repair tool intended to fix Photoshop layer on Mac such as Remo Repair PSD you can get back the corrupt PSD files in just a matter of few minutes.

Adobe Photoshop is a professional application widely utilized for editing as well as creating images on Mac and on Windows operating system. Files edited or created on Photoshop are basically saved with a PSD or even a PDD file extension. These files are significantly vulnerable to all types of file corruption and damage on Mac OS. Photoshop lets you to create multiple layers of the same file so different views of the same file can be viewed at once. However when opening a PSD file with multiple layers one can encounter various error messages regarding layers if the file in question is corrupt. PSD files can get corrupt due to various factors on Mac OS and below are some common scenarios which result in PSD file corruption:

  • A power surge while working on the layers of a PSD file increases the chances of the layers getting corrupt. This results in the file being inaccessible while attempting to open it which ends up showing an error message to its user.
  • Abruptly closing the Photoshop file while working on its layers.
  • Malwares in the hard disk can gain access to the PSD files and leave them in an inaccessible state.
  • The Photoshop application if not installed in a systematic manner may result in generating errors while using some of the tools on PSD files.
  • Trying to open PSD files on incompatible versions of Photoshop application may seriously damage the PSD files and make them inaccessible.

Remo Repair PSD

Regardless to what extent the PSD file is corrupt, this repair tool requires just a few minutes to fix the issue. It also features an easy to use interface that is simple and easy to follow. It is also capable of repairing PSD files with depth 8, 1, 16 and 32 bits per character. It’s also capable of repairing PSD files that are corrupt, damaged and inaccessible and it supports various storage devices such as USB drives, hard disk, external storage drives and so on. This software also supports all versions of Adobe Photoshop such as CS1, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS7, Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0. It also works on all versions of Mac OS such as Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion and is also available for Windows OS. Also PSD files that are compressed by any compression technique are repaired effortlessly by this software. The repaired PSD file can then be viewed before its saved to any location on the Mac. It can additionally repair PSD files which have different color modes such as RGB, greyscale, lab color and so on. To know more about this repair tool visit this link