Steps to Enable Outlook Backup Add-in to Work with Outlook 2010

“The backup command does not appear in the File menu nor prompt to backup PST when I close Outlook after I had installed Outlook 2010 on my Windows PC. Earlier, when I was using Outlook 2007, the Personal Folders Backup add-in was in the File menu and always prompted to backup PST file when I terminate Outlook. How can I enable Personal Folders Backup add-in to work with Outlook 2010?”

The Personal Folders Backup add-in creates backup copies of your Outlook PST files periodically to safely backup all Outlook folders. Although the graphical design and technical change in Outlook 2010, it works a bit different when compared to earlier versions of Outlook. It can be made compatible to work with Outlook 2010 by just applying the following fixes.

Troubleshooting steps to resolve Personal Folders Backup add-in not working issue

  • Make sure that you have installed the latest version of Outlook Personal Folders Backup add-in on your computer since older version is not compatible to work with Outlook 2010.
  • Ensure that Outlook backup add-in is listed and chosen as an active add-in: File>Options>Add-ins
  • If the Outlook personal folders backup add-in is not listed then click Add or Go icon and browse the following path:
  • For 32-bit Windows PC
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE##\ADDINS\outbak.dll
  • For 64-bit Windows PC
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE##\ADDINS\outbak.dll

In some cases after installing the backup add-in, it does not work on your Outlook. This may happen if the backed up PST file get corrupted or damaged due to any unknown reasons. Well, PST backup not working on Windows computer due to annoying reasons can be fixed with the aid of Remo Repair Outlook. The software is equipped with advanced algorithms which scan and fixes the damaged PST backup file within a couple of minutes.

Powerful Repair Technique to Solve the Issue of PST File Which Get Corrupted Constantly

First let me tell you the procedure to fix PST file which get corrupted constantly on your Windows system:pst-icon

Download the Remo Repair PST software on your pc and then by running the tool you need to select open PST option. Next, select scanning technique option to fix when PST file constantly corrupts. After selecting that, give the storage path on your Windows pc to save the fixed PST files. As soon you prefer repair button, the program starts its performance of corrupt PST file fixing on your Windows system. Once the process gets finished successfully, you can save the PST files on your storage location by purchasing the licensed software.

Some information about Outlook PST file:

Microsoft Outlook is used to send mails and the calendar, task and mails are saved in mail server on your pc, where Outlook mails which are saved on your pc are kept in Outlook Data file.

Outlook data files consist of PST and OST file. Here let’s talk few things about PST file; Personal Folders file (PST) is an Outlook data file that stores your messages and other items on your Windows system. It is used for POP3 and web-based mail accounts. When you want to generate a back up of your Outlook files and items on your Windows system, then you must create and use additional PST files. If you want to know how to manage PST file read this page.

About Remo Repair PST application which is used to solve the issues occurs in PST file on Windows:

Remo Repair PST Software can be used to fix the PST file issue like corruption or damage of PST which causes problem to users on Windows system. This application is best software to repair PST file because when your ScanPST is not performing its work to fix the PST file issue, then using this program we can easily fix the PST file corruption / damage issue and recovers PST items after successful repair of the file. Remo Repair PST Software can perform its PST file repair process on all versions of Windows because this application is user friendly. Repairs and recover of corrupt PST file can be performed with the PST folder which is encrypted with password. During the repair process of your Outlook PST file, your PST file won’t get changed because it duplicates the PST file before starting its fixing process on Windows OS.

How PST file get corrupted on Windows:

  • User need to upgrade the Microsoft Office frequently, if he refuses to upgrade or uses wrong procedure to upgrade Outlook tool then it might corrupts the Outlook PST file on your Windows.
  • If user uses wrong repair tool to fix the PST file corruption then the PST file might get corrupted again after some time so it’s better to use correct and effective repair tool like Remo Repair PST software to solve the issue of PST file corruption on your pc.
  • If you save the PST file after fixing corruption issue on virus affected Windows storage disk then it corrupts your PST file again on your Windows pc.

Above issues can be fixed with the help of Remo Repair PST application on your Windows OS.

Strategy to Repair PST File Damage on Windows

Remo Repair PST tool is the amazing repair software which helps us to fix the problems occurred in PST files like corruption or damage. When your inbox repair tool i.e. ScanPST is not responding, then this repair application helps in fixing the PST file damage and recovers PST file items.

Step to fix the issue of PST file damage using Remo Repair PST program:

Let me explain you the steps to fix broken PST file using Remo Repair PST application,pst-icon

  1. First, you need to download the free demo edition of Remo Repair PST tool on your Windows computer.
  2. When you run the software you will find some selecting options on main screen choose one on your requirement.
  3. Next, it asks you for appropriate scanning technique options choose one depending on severity.
  4. After selecting the scanning method, give the end location to save the repaired PST files.
  5. Next, by choosing the Repair button Remo Repair PST application begins its fixing process on Windows OS.
  6. Once the repair process gets finish you can check whether the repair process is done perfectly using the preview button.
  7. If you are convinced with the free demo version of the Remo Repair PST software then purchase the premium edition to save that repaired PST file.

From above repair steps of Remo Repair PST, you can fix any kind of issue occurred in PST file on Windows system.

Reason for PST files damage:

  • Upgrade of the Outlook is very important, if you don’t upgrade your Outlook, then it might damages your PST files and then you face some issue with the PST file on Windows system.
  • Old files are incompatible with new Outlook version. So, if you try to open Old PST files in the new version, then PST files might refuse to open.

These are some reason for PST file issues on Windows system but it can be solved by using Remo Repair PST software.

What is the advantage of using Remo Repair PST tool on Windows system?

  1. If you have an issue in PST file then you can make use of Remo Repair PST tool. Remo Repair PST application is used to repair the issue occurred in PST files and also to retrieve all Outlook items from PST files.
  2. Repairs and retrieve of PST file can be done with the PST files protected with a password in all versions of MS Outlook.
  3. This tool searches and locates the PST files when users do not know the exact path of PST files on Windows storage system and it also retrieves all items from crashed Outlook without any interruption.
  4. It scans the Outlook PST and restores the deleted emails, tasks, notes, journals, and other items of Outlook on all editions of Windows OS.
  5. While fixing and retrieving, PST files won’t get modified because this application keeps the copy of the PST file before starting the repair process and replaces it with the new file after repair process.

These are some advantages of using Remo Repair PST tool to fix damaged PST file issue on Windows system.