Easy Way to Repair PPT File 2016

Remo Repair PowerPoint tool:Repair PPT File

It is very much easy to repair your corrupt PowerPoint 2016 file by using the Remo Repair PowerPoint application. This tool is highly specialized in repairing PPT files without facing any difficulty. With the help of advanced powerful algorithm this application deeply scans your corrupt or damage PPT file and fixes all the errors related to it.

This toolkit offers many unique features like save recovery session to save your precious time by avoiding the scanning of drive and the repaired PPT file can be saved to any location in the Windows system. And this software is non destructive which does not affect or damage your original PPT file during the repair process. To know more visit this link.

Important features of Remo Repair PowerPoint:

  • This tool is simple and very powerful in repairing PPT files and it can even repair oversized or compressed or encrypted .pptx file without facing any complexity.
  • One of the best unique feature of this repair tool is the demo version, users by using this demo version can check the efficiency and performance of repair process before buying full version.
  • It is very much easy for the users to repair their corrupt PPT file by using this repair tool because the user interface is designed to be very simple and friendly.
  • This repair tool works well on all the versions of Windows operating system and it is very much safe and secure application to install into your system.

Factors responsible for corruption or damage of PowerPoint 2016 presentation:

  • Header file is the essential file of any file format because it holds all the important details of any file, on corruption of PPT header file causes PPT file corruption or damage.
  • When virus or malware enters into your Windows system it corrupts all the files present in the hard drives, then your PPT file becomes inaccessible.
  • Frequent conversion of PPT file from one format to other can result in file corruption or damage.
  • Other factors which are responsible for file corruption are partial download error, transmission error, sudden system crash and many more.

Steps to repair PPT file 2016:

It is very easy to repair PPT 2016 file on Windows system, all you need to do is download this Remo Repair PowerPoint software install it on to your Windows system. Launch the toolkit by clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop. Use the browse option to select your corrupt or damaged PPT file that is to be repaired and click on repair button.

This tool automatically starts repairing your corrupt PPT file as soon as you click on repair button and you can view the repair process through progress bar. In this tool you can also view the repaired PPT file after the completion of repair process. And use the save repaired file option to save the PPT file into your Windows system.

Repair Your Corrupted PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Effectively

Hello everyone, I am a student and I use to give presentations on various technical topics in many technical fests conducted by our college and other colleges also. I use Power-Point 2010 to give presentations which help in presenting the topics effectively. Recently I gave a presentation on Robotics and I received runner-up price for that presentation. But, unfortunately, that file is inaccessible after I shared it with one of the systems in my college. As it is an important file for me and I don’t want to lose it I want to recover it back. Please suggest me an efficient tool for recovering it effectively without losing any data on it. Thanks for the advice in advance.”   

Microsoft Office is one of the best and popular desktop software. It is a collection of several applications that are widely used in business, home and education fields. Among the Microsoft Office application, Microsoft PowerPoint is the most commonly used application for presentation. MS PowerPoint is used for creating and designing high-class files for presentation.

Often the PPT files get corrupted; if they get corrupt then they cannot be accessed. They remain unreadable until any action is taken to repair them. Below are some of the most common scenarios which can cause PPT file damage.

  • PPT files can get corrupted if they are round-tripped. Changing the .ppt file to some other unsupported format and again converting back to its original is termed as round-tripping. If this round tripping is repeated several times then there are great chances that your file may get corrupt.
  • The header which saves the basic information of file getting damaged can also result in corruption of PPT file. When any modification is done to it then there are chances for PPT file damage.
  • An occurrence of an error while transferring PPT files from system to external storage media or vice versa can result in damage file structure. As a result of this error, PPT file refuses to open.
  • If PPT files are accessed by some unreliable third-party utility then they may get damaged and eventually becomes unreadable.

If you have any PPT file that’s been corrupted, then don’t get bothered with it. Such corrupt files can be easily repaired now, the only thing you are required to do is make use of a third party repair app. The most powerful app available is, Remo Repair PowerPoint to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2010 presentation. read more

Why do you need to choose Remo Repair PowerPoint software?

Remo Repair is the excellent software to recover corrupted PPT files with ease. It can recover inaccessible power-point files on both file formats like .ppt, .pptx and .pptm and it is read-only software so it will not damage any files during the repair process. After repair process file can be saved in a new healthy blank file, ensuring that your original files remain untouched and no further damage is done to them.

Advanced key features:

  • The software is highly compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / NT / XP and Windows 2000 versions and also supports PowerPoint 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and PowerPoint 97 version.
  • Ability to repair damaged PowerPoint files, which are large in size.
  • It supports in keeping the data integrity intact while repairing process.
  • Preview the repaired file once the process is done with repairing.
  • Helps in recovering of all PowerPoint objects accurately.
  • Software supports in transferring of repaired PPTX files into another storage device.

Aware of these precautions

  • It is recommended to keep the backup all your important PowerPoint PPT files on reliable storage devices.
  • Do not share your crucial PPT file on different computer networks.
  • Never close MS PowerPoint application improperly.
  • Make use of only reliable antivirus program to combat and remove deadly viruses

Repairing Damaged PPT files on Windows

“I was creating a PowerPoint file on my PC last night and after a few hours there was an abrupt power failure that caused my system to be shut down along with the said PPT file in an unsafe fashion. I later turned on the system to check if my PowerPoint file was fine but unfortunately it showed an error every time I tried to open it. I now know that my PPT file is corrupt so I’m looking for a PowerPoint file repair tool that could fix this issue for me in the least time possible.”

One of the most trusted software to repair PowerPoint files on Windows is Remo Repair PowerPoint. This software can safely repair PPT files on your system without damaging them any further. You can also download the trial version to get an insight about the performance of this repair tool prior to buying the complete version.

PowerPoint files are highly recommended for creating presentations for schools, colleges, projects, offices and in many more areas of interest. PowerPoint files are created by MS PowerPoint and are usually saved with PPT, PPTX or PPS file format. MS PowerPoint comes with the Microsoft package and has its own different versions. Unfortunately, PowerPoint files that are saved on the system are never safe and are often affected by system and human errors. Here are a few scenarios that cause the PPT files saved on the system to be corrupt:

  • Terminating the system in an abrupt or unsafe manner when a PowerPoint file is in use.
  • Viruses in the system may damage the PPT files saved on the system.
  • Unexpected power failures when a PowerPoint file is in use.
  • Internal errors generated while using PowerPoint tools because the PowerPoint application wasn’t installed in a safe manner.
  • Interruptions while downloading or moving a PPT file from the system or vice versa.

Remo Repair PowerPoint

The first thing a user needs to do when he realizes that his PPT files are corrupt is to repair them. Secondly, choosing the right repair tool is one of the most important responsibilities of a user. Remo Repair PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best repair tool to fix damaged PPT file on Windows OS. This repair tool can repair PPT files that are created on any version of MS PowerPoint and can repair PPT, PPS as well as PPTX files. It’s developed by an expert group of professionals and formulates an advanced repair engine that can repair PowerPoint files no matter how badly they’re damaged. It’s compatible on all versions of Windows such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, XP, Vista as well as the latest Windows 8. It’s a ‘read only’ software that only reads your corrupted file and then creates a new copy of the corrupted file by extracting contents from it and leaving the corrupted file unaltered. It’s also available for Mac users to repair PowerPoint files. It features an easy to use interface that’s simple to understand as well as proceed ahead with. Once your PowerPoint file has been repaired, you can view your repaired file and then save it to any location on your PC.

How can I protect the PowerPoint files on my Windows OS?

  • Backup all crucial PPT files that are present on your system.
  • Install the PowerPoint application in a methodical manner.