Easy Method to Fix External Hard Drive No Media Error

The external hard disk drive is widely used to back up vital files and folders. But, if you use external HDD on a regular basis, sometimes you may encounter “No Media Error”. This error can be caused because of the faulty port, corrupted drivers, and several other factors. There are numerous reasons that can cause this error and that’s why there are different solutions available to fix this problem.

Troubleshooting tips to determine actual cause for “no media error” and easy solution to fix it:

  • Sometimes, a bad or loose connection between the USB port and the external HDD can cause “no media error”. So try to connect your external drive properly to the USB port in order to make the drive accessible.
  • If the external drive error is because of faulty port then try plugging your drive into different ports in order to resolve the problem.
  • Try to connect your external HDD to another PC and check whether it works. If the external drive is working on another system then it means your external hard drive is good and the issue is with your computer.
  • Windows and Mac use different file systems like NTFS and HFS respectively for USB and external storage devices. So if you have been using your external HDD with Windows then it might cause the problem on Mac and vice versa. To resolve the issue, you need to format the external drive in Mac in order to work it properly on Mac OS.
  • In case, if an external hard drive is corrupted and contain bad sectors then the issue can be fixed by running chkdsk repair utility. The chkdsk tool will check your entire drive and try to fix them if it finds any. Here is how to run chkdsk:
  1. Press Windows keys + R to open the search box.
  2. Type cmd in the search box and click Enter
  3. Type chkdskG: /R and press Enter. Don’t forget to replace “G” with your external drive letter.