Easy Steps to Fix GoPro Unable to play Video

GoPro camera is usually used in extreme action video photography. The GoPro camera is known for its lightweight, waterproof and durability. However, sometimes certain GoPro videos won’t play as expected as a result of some known or unknown factors. This tutorial shows you how to fix GoPro unable to play file MP4 or MOV on Mac/Windows OS.

How to deal with GoPro unable to play video files?

If you have recorded video files using GoPro and found that files can’t be played smoothly on your computer, then there are two ways by which you can resolve the problem. The first method is the GoPro SOS function which you have to manually execute whereas the second method is fully automated wherein you need to rely on some trustworthy GoPro File Repair tool like Remo Repair.

Method 1: Repair unplayable or damaged GoPro video with GoPro SOS function

The GoPro camera has in-built SOS function which helps you to fix damaged video. If you find that some of your GoPro files are corrupted and unplayable, just power on the camera. If a bicycle image and a plus sign (+) appears on your camera’s screen, then the video is damaged. Just click any icon on the GoPro camera and wait until it stops blinking the red color. Once the video is fixed, the GoPro’s screen will revert to normal file counter display.

Method 2: Fix GoPro unable to play video using Remo Repair MOV

If the SOS function didn’t work to resolve the issue and the GoPro videos are still unplayable. Don’t worry. There is an effective method which automatically fixes GoPro files by using Remo Repair MOV tool. It is pretty easy to use this software. Just select one of your healthy GoPro video files as a reference, then browse the unplayable GoPro file and click on Repair. Free trial of Remo Repair MOV is available wherein you can fix the video as well as view the portion of repaired video. But, the trial version does not have an option to save this fixed video. So, you need to buy the licensed version, which is cost effective in order to save the repaired video at your desired location.