Errors during Windows Startup

At a number of instances, users encounter some or the other start-up errors on a Windows PC. Despite there are vivid types of error that could be seen as you power on the computer. During computer failure, you could see symptoms as – an error screen, a blank black screen or the system does not power at all. If you find any instruction upon encountering start-up error then you can simply follow them in order to fix them right. However, apart from these, there are certain troubleshooting techniques for particular kind of troubles occurring with your Windows PC.

Troubleshoot Techniques

  • An initial thing that you must be doing upon seeing a Windows start-up error is, what the error says exactly. Documenting the type of error will help you in resolving the issue, to find solutions relating to a particular problem. Analyzing the error message will simply narrow down to the possibilities of the errors occurring in the computer. For instance, you can get to know if the problem is caused due to a hardware malfunction or any software errors etc.
  • If you see any kind of messages, go through troubleshooting information and get the error fixed right through.
  • You can also contact the Windows support and seek more information about the problem that you are seeing during the start-up process.
  • In Windows system, you got a number of repair options available under the boot Options menu. You can go to the Advanced Boot options and then choose a repair option or even boot into safe mode.