Fix MPEG-4 File that’s Not Playing

MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group is a media file format used for transmission and compression of audio and video data in a coded digital media format. It is the one of the most advanced and widely used media file formats. Moreover, it occupies less space for the same quality of audio and video. Various MPEG standards are available such as MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 3 and MPEG 4 all these they differ in picture quality. There are several cases that have been noticed where a user has a collection of his favorite movies, videos recorded from phone and many other video files stored on the computer or any other storage device, and some day that user recognizes that the MPEG files are not playing. So, how to respond in such circumstances? Can those file be repaired?

If this is your query, then don’t panic. In fact, all corrupt or inaccessible MPEG files can be repaired now provided, appropriate action is taken.

Firstly if the MPEG file is not playing, then make use of different media players and try to play the video using different media players or copy that video on another computer and try playing it. In case this does not work, the use an effective third party repair application. But how to know which is the right and effective tool, because presently there are numerous repair tools available on the web, and most of them costing money?

As per my experience, I found Remo Repair MOV as the best tool to repair MPEG-4 video files. It has a stunning and hassle free user interface for starters and most importantly it’s has a demo version that’s absolutely free to cost. It works on both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. I got all my corrupt MPEG and MOV files fixed with ease. An optimum tool to repair MPEG-4 file not playing, compared with any other repairing apps.

MPEG-4 files can get corrupt due to these following reasons:

  • If the source of the MPEG-4 files is damaged or in case the files are stored on bad sectors of a storage media, it is likely the files get corrupt.
  • Virus or malware infection will definitely corrupt any files, when they enter the storage media in which you had stored your MPEG-4 videos.
  • Converting the MPEG-4 files format to some other file format and again bringing back to its original format can also corrupt the videos, after which they cannot be played.
  • Modifying, editing, cropping, scaling the files using unreliable third party application could corrupt the file.
  • Compressing and/ or decompressing the files improperly. And also while compressing, if error is occurred then they’ll be corrupted.

In all these circumstances, Remo Repair MOV comes handy. It successfully repairs corrupted MPEG-4 videos and make them to play without any pauses.

Highlights of Remo Repair MOV Software:

Remo Repair MOV app supports all latest versions of Windows OS including Windows Vista, 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Using this app, one can fix corrupted MPEG-4 files on different types of secondary storage devices including flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks, external hard drive, etc. With help of this remarkable app, it is possible to repair MOV files as well. It won’t modify the same file while repairing, instead it scans and then creates a new but healthy file.