Fixing End Of File Error in Photoshop Files

“I have a PSD file on my system that was working fine but last night it suddenly crashed and upon opening it there was an end of file error which never allowed me to open it. I repaired it by utilizing a PSD repair tool but it couldn’t fix the issue so I’m now looking for a genuine PSD repair tool that can fix this issue for me in the shortest period possible. Also the file in question is large in size so the repair tool I’m looking for has to accept this file without any limitation in file size as well.”

You can utilize Remo Repair PSD which is one of the only PSD repair tool that can fix end of file errors without any effort and never damages the PSD file while it’s being repaired.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful application for editing pictures in the field of photography. Photoshop offers powerful tools to edit images and with every new release of this application came more powerful tools that helped users to create more elegant images. The files edited or created by Photoshop are saved with a PSD or PDD file extension. These files when saved on the system are always under threat from various sources and following are some scenarios responsible for PSD file corruption or which cause the end of file error on Windows as well as on Mac OS:

  • Viruses and malware in the system can damage the PSD file header and make them inaccessible to the users. These viruses might have entered the system from third party sites which one might have visited to download programs and so on.
  • Power surge while saving or using a PSD file may lead them to be damaged.
  • Editing your PSD fie on different versions of Photoshop can generate end of file errors while accessing them.
  • The Photoshop application may fail to save the header and footer information of a PSD file if the application was interrupted while saving the said PSD file.

Remo Repair PSD

This repair utility is the only application that can assist you to fix end of file error without any hassle. The interface offered by this software is quite simple and requires just a few mouse clicks to get the repair task underway. You can also preview your file once it’s repaired and then save it to any desired location on your system. This software can repair PSD files created on any version of Adobe Photoshop and gives outstanding results. It makes use of an advanced technique to repair corrupt, damaged as well as inaccessible PSD files. It works on all versions of Windows which includes the latest Windows 8 too. Additionally it can also repair PSD files with different color modes such as RGB, grayscale, bitmap and so on. It supports Photoshop files that are saved with PSD or PDD file extension. To know more click on this URL

Here’s how one can prevent end of file error on PSD files:

  • Avoid closing the Photoshop application when a PSD file is active.
  • Make sure the system on which the PSD files are saved is free from bad sectors.
  • Having multiple backups of crucial PSD files on a separate external hard drive is always recommended.