Fixing Sound Errors in AVI File that’s Not Playing in QuickTime

QuickTime is an admired multimedia player which has been developed by Apple. It is compatible with various kinds of pictures and audio. It is used for playing different kinds of media files. Usually the file formats which are supported by QuickTime is aiff.mpeg, jpg etc.

AVI file format is widely accepted among the Windows users but on the contrast, Mac users are not comfortable with this file format because it is a tedious job to play an AVI file in QuickTime.

You might have seen several times that while playing an AVI file on QuickTime, it happens that even if you are able to watch the video, the audio is not audible. It happens mainly due to corruption. At that point of time you get panic spontaneously getting a thought that your AVI has been damaged .What could be the reason behind this problem????The question of concern lies with the fact that how can you play the audio along with the video????

If you are facing this kind of situation regularly then don’t get annoyed, just rely on Remo Repair AVI, so that it will provide you the complete guidance to help you play your AVI file with both video and audio in a precise manner.

Reasons why QuickTime fails to play sound of AVI file:

  • The first problem which comes to our mind is the malware attack. Malware are the malicious program which destroys the attributes of a file which comes through unreliable sources, infected portable devices and that is the sole reason why we shouldn’t deal leniently with it.
  • There is a factor called synchronization which should be taken care while you are playing the video file. As you know that, if there is a mismatching between the audio and video file you may not be able to get the exact sequence of that file.
  • During the download, if due to slower network coverage you are getting an interruption then this might damage your file and continuously even after a lot of efforts you will not be locate any sound in the AVI file.
  • Header plays a vital part in an AVI file because the corruption of the header leads to a drastic change in the properties of the AVI file such as size, type, location etc, so you must be very much concerned about it.
  • Network error is one the hindrance which is being encountered while we play a video file, so it should be strictly avoided.
  • As you are familiar with the issue of power surge, you should have a source of uninterrupted backup so that you would be able to play your AVI file with a lot of ease.
  • Spoiled storage media results in the audio codec error which ultimately destroys the codec and hence even after a lot of efforts you are not able to get synchronization between the audio and the video in AVI file.
  • Improper functioning of QuickTime Player, bad sectors, manipulating the AVI file format are also the distinguishing features behind the corruption of the file.

Why should you go for Remo Repair AVI?

  • Remo Repair AVI is an optimum tool to resolve the issue, if AVI files not playing audio in QuickTime.
  • This is a proficient tool which has the ability to repair the damaged AVI file on different storage devices including flash drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory stick.
  • It supports all major versions of Mac OS including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • This tool can fix corrupted DivX and XviD files as well.