Guide on Differences between SSD and HDD

In current era, every individual is opting to have a computer or laptop to complete their tasks as as the need of storing information exists. In earlier days, if you have purchased an ultrabook, then it is likely to have SSD as the primary C drive on Windows system and Macintosh HD on Mac machines. But, now you can configure your system with either an SSD, HDD or even in certain cases you can have both the storage components. But, the question is how would you choose the storage component and decide which is the best.

Hard disk is the basic nonvolatile storage on a system, which means it won’t go away as like the data on memory of computer when it is turned off whereas SSD is a solid state storage drive that saves your information even if you turn off the system, but it gets saved on interconnected flash memory chips.

Major differences between HDD and SSD are as follows:

  • SSD drives are thinnest of various storage options as it doesn’t contain any moving parts in standard 5.. and 7mm designs whereas HDD have moving parts that makes it heavy and they are available in standard 7mm and 9.5mm designs.
  • Hard disk drives are workhorses when it comes for storage capacity and how much amount of data can be saved with maximum storage capacity in affordable price. But, SSD drives are affordable only with lower capacities whereas SSD’s with great storage capacity are expensive.
  • HDD offers ample performance for maximum PC platforms that are available today whereas Solid State drives provide peek performance for high read/write and booting supporting computing tasks that require improved multitasking potential.
  • SSD is highly efficient in terms of battery life and SSHD is relatively close since it can spin down more frequently than hard disk.

Other factors that make difference in between SSD and HDD are reliability, durability, etc. So, it is based on needs, preference and also on budget of a user to make a decision between Solid State Hard Drives and Hard Disk drives.