How to Improve the Wi-Fi Network Signal Strength in Your House or Workplace?

As Wi-Fi is a set of radio waves, it can be interfered by so many things around. But in case of = strong Wi-Fi signal, you can experience faster performance and better coverage distance and hence, it is very important to place and configure your router properly for the best signal strength.

Point the Antenna Up

Routers consist of adjustable physical antennas which often comes pointed horizontally to fit the router inside its box. For maximum signal strength, you need to place your router’s antenna vertically, pointing upwards. If you have two antennas, then it will be difficult for you to get better performance if they are pointed in different directions.

Position Your Router Properly

If you own large home or office, then you should place the router close to the center so as to maximize the signal coverage. If you place the router at the corner of the room or building, then you may have poor signal at the other end. In case, you are getting proper signal strength in other side of the building, then you don’t need to move it. You can even place the router in higher position for receiving maximum coverage.

Avoid Interference

You should not place the router on or near large metal objects such as metal shelves or filing cabinets as these things can block the signal. Wood and plaster walls won’t cause any problems regarding signal transmission but metal stuff can even block Wi-Fi signals often.

Your Wi-Fi Network Signal can even be interfered by microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, and 2.4 GHz baby monitors as all have the potential to interfere with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal. So, if you have these kinds of devices in between a laptop and a router, then they could divert the Wi-Fi signal. You can solve these issues by moving any one of them so the interfering device will not come in between them. In case of interference from a cordless phone, you can purchase newer 5.8 GHz cordless phones which work on a difference frequency band and won’t interfere with Wi-Fi.

Choose the Best Wi-Fi Channel

If you are surrounded by many Wi-Fi networks that are connected in apartment complex or even your neighbors’ house, then those Wi-Fi networks are probably interfering with yours. To minimize such interference, try to move your router away from other Wi-Fi access points, if possible. The best thing you can do is, switch to a different Wi-Fi channel by setting it through the option on your router’s settings page. Just check your router’s instruction manual for instructions on how to do that. Here, you can locate the Wi-Fi channel option in the router’s web interface and change it to a different channel with less interference. It might take a little hard work to find the best one, but you can get help of Wi-Fi Analyzer app for Android phones and tablets, which will monitor the Wi-Fi networks near you and recommend the least-cluttered Wi-Fi channel for your network. Unfortunately, you won’t find such apps for iPhone or iPad due to the limitations that Apple has set on app developers.

So, you got to know what all you really have to do is, just position your router well and choose the ideal Wi-Fi channel to optimize your network. Even buying a new router that supports modern, improved Wi-Fi standards may also provide you signal strength and speed boost.