How to Repair Damaged AVI Video File on Mac?

Remo Repair AVI is the most efficient and user friendly damaged AVI video repair software which works with a deep scanning algorithm to fix all the errors that cause damage to the AVI video file in an accurate and easy way. It can repair severely damaged AVI video effortlessly and can make the video playable in any media player on Mac Operating system. The software will not cause any harm to the damaged video file as it extracts data from the AVI file and creates a new healthy file by taking the damaged one as reference.  The Remo Repair AVI offers a number of features that can satisfy anyone’s need. Before going through the fixing process in detail, let me describe some scenarios in which the AVI file gets damaged.

Factors cause damage to AVI file:

 Incomplete Download: When you are downloading an AVI video from internet and suddenly the process gets interrupted due to network error, then the AVI video file will get damaged.

Insufficient Memory: If you have downloaded or copied an AVI video to a location that is having no enough storage capacity, then the file becomes corrupted.

Power Surge: The AVI video becomes unplayable if any sudden fluctuation in power occurs while playing or transferring a video file.

Bad Sectors: AVI file gets damaged due to the presence of bad sectors on the storage device of the video file.

Incomplete File Transfer: When the AVI file format is not properly transferred or copied from one device to another, which causes damage to the video file.

Incorrect Codec: The AVI file gets corrupted if any codec issue occurs while playing the video file.

Other reasons: There are so many reasons that cause damage to the AVI video like virus attack, database corruption, file system corruption, header file corruption, CRC error, etc.

Due to the above mentioned errors, the AVI video file becomes unplayable. In order to play these damaged videos, you have to seek the help of an efficient AVI file mending tool like Remo Repair AVI as it can effortlessly repair damaged AVI video file in a quick way.

Features of Remo Repair AVI Application:

Remo Repair AVI is one of the most trustworthy software’s available now to fix severely corrupted, damaged, broken or inaccessible AVI video files in some simple steps. After the fixing process, the application will give you an option to preview the repaired video files before storing back to the system. Remo Repair AVI application can fix AVI video files from external storage devices like USB drive, pen drives, and memory cards and so on.

Demo Version: It is also available in demo version which is helpful for the users to check the effectiveness of the software. The demo version only supports the preview option. It doesn’t have save option.

Mend AVI Video: Remo Repair AVI software mends the audio and video file separately and again merge it to form a healthy playable video.

User Friendly: Remo Repair AVI is really easy for normal users to use in repairing AVI files. Anyone can mend video by simply following the instructions.

Less Space: It requires very less space for installation i.e, 50MB.

24*7 Customer Support: We provide full time support to the customers to help them anytime. The support team is technically trained in order to clear any kinds of issues