How to Repair No sound XVID Video files?

xvidXVID is a video codec library which supports MPEG-4 (Moving Picture Experts Group) video coding standard. This video codec supports many features such as b-frames, lumi masking, global and quarter pixel motion compensation, trellis quantization as well as custom quantization matrices. XVID is an open source software. Unlike other codec, XVID is available for multiple platforms and also offers very high quality audio along with video. These XVID files save in drives with .xvid file extensions. This XVID codec is basically used for compressing or decompressing the video files to MPEG for saving the storage device memory space and file transfer time.

XVID file format supported by a number of players, including VLC media player, DivX plus Player, Windows Media Player, Android Rock Player, etc. In order to play XVID files, most of the players requires codec to play these files. Apart from these features of XviD, sometimes users may face difficulty with their XVID file. When users try to play XVID movies, then it plays without audio. In such circumstances, user wants to overcome this XVID movie no sound issue. To fix this no sound problem, users need a highly advanced third party app like Remo Repair because there is no other manual way to overcome from this problem. This repair utility is enough capable to fix XVID movie no sound issue in simple few mouse clicks and also allows users to take the preview of repaired XVID file before saving it to the destination.

Most common reasons behind the XVID no sound issue:

  • If the XVID video file gets infected with dangerous viruses, then it there is a chance of its damaging which may lead to its audio track corruption.
  • Playing XVID video file with unsupportable video player can also lead to such difficult no sound error.
  • During changing the file format of XVID video file to another, such as XviD to MP4 or XviD to AVI, if any interruption occurs in between, this process, then it may lead to the damaging of XVID file which may result in no sound issue.

Whatever can be reason behind XVID movie no sound problem, users can easily overcome from it by using this advanced Remo Repair app. This utility supports to fix no sound issue on all the latest versions of Windows based operating systems without much difficulty. Remo Repair is read only program which means, it does not modify the XVID file for fixing such no sound problem. Instances of modification, this xvid repair utility simply create a new file with same name as damaged XVID file has and read all the info from this damaged file and put it into new one. Due to this read only features, it ensures the safety of original XVID no sound file.

Simple Steps to fix XVID movies no sound problem:

  • In order to fix XVID no sound movie, you need to download this Remo Software. Once the downloading is over, install the app by double clicking on setup.
  • After completion of installation, launch it and “Browse” the XVID movies no sound file and click on “Repair” button.
  • After clicking on it, repairing process is started. After completion of this process, users can take the “preview” of this repaired XVID file
  • People can also able to save fixed XVID movies file to another memory location.