How to Solve AVI File is Not Showing Video Issue on Mac

Hello everyone. I am facing a problem with my AVI video file which I have downloaded from online to my storage device. When I play the AVI file, it is not showing the video only the audio is audible in Mac video player. Can anyone suggest me “how can I fix this AVI file issue on Mac?”.

If you are facing same issue i.e. AVI files not playing video only audio, then you need not to be worried. Usually AVI file not showing video issue is occurred when AVI file gets corrupted or damage. But it can be easily resolved by making use of third party repair tool i.e. Remo Repair AVI software on your Mac OS X.

Scenarios for AVI file not showing video on Mac:

  • When your Mac device gets infected with malware then it damages the files saved in the Mac storage and your AVI file video / audio codec might also get damage so that when you play the AVI file you face an issue of AVI file not showing video.
  • AVI file need to be played in appropriate video player, if user tries to play the AVI file in unsupported video player then AVI file header gets damage so that you face AVI file not showing video issue on Mac.
  • When you are downloading the AVI file, if Mac device gets turn off or internet connectivity issue arises then your AVI file gets damage and AVI file video will not be played on Mac device.

These are some scenarios for AVI file not showing video, but we can fix this issue by utilizing Remo Repair AVI tool on Mac device.

How we can repair the AVI file using Remo Repair AVI application:

Install the free demo edition of Remo Repair AVI tool on Mac OS X, which you downloaded from official website. When you launch the application, you get “Browse” option to select AVI file which need to be fixed and then choose “Repair” option to start the repair process of AVI file on Mac device. Once the repair of AVI is done, using “Preview” verify the repaired AVI file before saving them to preferred destination path. After the verifying the repaired AVI files, if you are satisfied then by purchasing the software you are allowed to save those AVI files.

What is the advantage of using Remo Repair AVI software on Mac?

  1. Remo Repair AVI application is effective repair tool which can fixes any type of issues occurred in AVI file format and also in DIVX, XVID file format on Mac system.
  2. Due to video codec issue, if you are facing AVI file not showing video then using this software you can easily repair the codec issue and play the video file on Mac.
  3. If your AVI file which need to be repaired is present in various storage device, then application without any difficulty import those AVI video files using browse option.
  4. Free demo edition is provided by the software so that user can check the ability of the tool before purchasing. User can install this application in any version of Mac OS X.