Instant ZIP Archive Repair Tool

“I had to send some of my files via mail but those files were large in size because of which they were not able to get sent. So, I compressed them with Windows inbuilt tool called WinZip and sent the ZIP file through mail. But, the receiver could not access the data from ZIP file as it was in corrupted form when they receive it. I don’t understand how can it be possible for the .zip file to get damaged? Do you have any idea on how the Zip file got damaged and what measure I should apply to fix the problem?”

It’s true that like all other file types supported by Windows OS, ZIP file also gets corrupted or damaged or broken due to awful issues that occurs in your system. Read below for more info…

  • Virus or malware infection on Windows system often corrupt or damage ZIP file and make them completely inaccessible
  • Improper compression or decompression process of Zip file data can lead the file towards severe corruption
  • Inappropriate Zip file download from any online source like email can cause damage to the file due to which the contents within it cannot be accessed
  • Storing healthy .zip archive in some storage volume having bad sectors may corrupt the archive badly
  • Sudden hardware or OS failure due to malfunctioning can be one reason for ZIP archive corruption or damage

Now, you must be wondering on how to repair ZIP archive? So, here is the perfect solution for your problem. Remo Repair Zip, one of the most reliable and efficient tool for ZIP archive repair which always works on read only mode and performs automated file fixing process which any other ZIP archive repair tools fail to provide. It has been designed and developed in such a way that it never work on the same damaged ZIP file, instead, it scans all the corner of file and creates a new file with the extracted data from it for repairing. It consists of unique features that helps to fix ZIP archive in an instant manner that to with utmost perfection. Here you go…

  • Most unique and efficient third party tool to repair WinZip archive with absolute ease after all sort of corruption or damage issues
  • Equipped with enhancing algorithm which helps in deep scanning of broken or damaged Zip file and repairs it within no time
  • Provides descent graphical user interface and easy repairing steps, so it is absolutely favorable for fixing .zip archives
  • Even repairs password protected .zip archives without affecting the security level that has been provided to the file
  • Zip file stored on any storage media like internal and external hard drive, pen-drive, memory card and many more can be fixed without any complexity
  • This utility can be installed in Windows PC having OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and 2003 for fixing Zip archive

Remo Repair ZIP software comes with Demo version which helps in analyzing the product and its efficiency that too before purchasing the real version. It also enables inbuilt preview option in both demo and paid version of the product which will be helpful for you to view the result before saving. Addition to that, you will get 24/7 technical assistance in case you are not able to install or use the product.

If you want to avoid your .zip files from corruption or damage factors, then you need to follow these suggestions,

  • Connect power backup device to your Desktop system
  • Compress and decompress the Zip file with proper procedure
  • Scan your computer with strong antivirus program daily