Procedure to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files

Sometimes user accidentally delete the important files from the system using shift + Delete or command + Delete key combination on their system but it will be moved to trash / Recycle bin. When user cleaning the junk files they might clear the Recycle bin then important files get deleted permanently from the system. At that situation user search for the software to recover permanently deleted files on their system. Here we are suggesting the best tool to recover those permanently deleted files from the system.  When you have lost or deleted important files from your system permanently then you can make use of Remo Recovery software, which is the effective recovery tool and has ability to get back all deleted files with few simple recovery steps on your system.

About Remo Recovery software:

Remo Recover tool is the best software to get back all the deleted and lost files from the system. Using this application, you can also recover the files which are deleted from the External Hard Drives, SD Card, Pen Drive and some other storage devices by connecting it to your system where you have installed this software. Application has the ability to retrieve the permanently deleted files from NTFS, FAT16, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS5, FAT32, HFSX and HFS. With the help of this application we can sort the retrieved files on basis of file name, size, type and date.

How we can recover the permanently deleted files using Remo Recover software?

When your files get deleted permanently from your system then first thing you need to do is, download the free demo version of Remo Recover software from official website and install the tool on your Operating System. When you launch the software, in main screen you can see three option “Recovery files”, “Recovery Drives” and “Recovery Photos”, as your files got deleted from system so you need to select “Recovery files” option. In next screen you need to select “Recovery Deleted Files” option and then select the drive from which you need to retrieve the deleted files. Now, to start the scanning process you need to select “Next” button, then the tool begins its scanning process and retrieve all deleted files from the selected drive. Now you can view the retrieved files in two forms, “File Type View” and “Data Type View”, then select the destination folder to save the retrieved files and select “Save” option.

Scenarios for permanently delete of files from system:

  • User might accidentally select shift + delete option or clean the recycle bin which contain deleted files so that files gets deleted permanently from your system.
  • When your system gets terminated abruptly then the files present in the system gets lost or deleted.
  • When you are transferring the files from one system to another, if some interruption occurs then the files might get deleted or lost from your system.

These are some common reason for permanently delete of files from system, but we can easily recovery those deleted files by making use of Remo Recover software on our system.

Technique to Fix Audio and Video File Not Playing in PowerPoint

PowerPoint: PowerPoint application is the complete presentation graphic image. It provides you all you need to generate a professional looking presentation. Using this PowerPoint application we can perform many tasks like creating a presentation file with many slide, you can also format the presentation slide using powerful slide master, you can also keep all presentation slide in single file, with speaker note. You can also import the files which are created in any other Microsoft products like MS Word and MS Excel. PowerPoint application is used by many professional users to present their project and presentation to many people and they can also add some attachments like audio, video, animations to make presentation more attractive to the viewers. You can connect the device which contains presentation file to the projector and display the presentation in big screen.

Basic method to create the PowerPoint presentation files on your system:

When you open the PowerPoint application and select new then you see the default theme and template. You need to select the theme you need for your presentation and choose create option. Next in home tab you need to select new slide option and choose the slide layout. To save the presentation, you need to go to file tab and select save option then you get the option to select the path to save your PowerPoint presentation file, then give the filename to your presentation and select save option.

Now you can create your presentation by adding the text in the slide and pictures, sound and animations. You can also select the number of slide you need and also add and remove the side’s in-between. You can also make your text with your necessary font size, style and color according to your slide background color. Finally, after creating the presentation you can save your file.

In some situation the attachments like audio and video which has been inserted in the PowerPoint presentation won’t get play when you play the presentation. PowerPoint embedded video won’t play issue is caused when your PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged, or your attachment i.e. audio and video file might be damaged so that it is not playing on your PowerPoint file.

To fix this issue, we need to follow some procedure on your system. If your audio and video file itself is corrupted or damaged, then try to remove those file from the presentation and add new one. The main reason for files gets damaged is that when you are inserting the audio and video file, if some interruption occurs then your audio and video file won’t get inserted completely so that you face audio and video file not play in PowerPoint file.

If your PowerPoint file is corrupted or damaged, then you can make use of some advanced repair application like Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your system.

Problem which are associated with your computer

If you are technology lover then it must be useful for you. We are going to discuss about the things which may slow the system. There are various reasons responsible for crawling of system. Let’s discuss few of them and ways to speed up the system.

It is most annoying for any users when system is crawling while doing something important on system. It was like throw the system out of the window. So Guys!!! This article deals with the problems and fixes related to slow down of computer.

Open Multiple Tab on Browser

This may slow down your computer or sometimes Brower pop up notification error like “Browser is not responding”. It is not a great job to open number of tabs once. In order to resolve this issue, you can bookmark the website and open when necessary.

Never Leave your Computer Open

It’s a habit of lots of people to keep the system open while leaving office or home. It is true that it saves few minutes in system booting. But you should leave this habit as soon as possible as it shorten the lifespan of your computer.

Multiple Programs at a Time

This must be seen that users have opened lots of program at a time like Music player on one side, several browsers on the other side, installing several programs, etc. There is nothing wrong in this but it slow down the system as compared with normal condition. So try to open the program which is necessary don’t overload the processor.

Old Computer

The speed of computer gradually decreases with the time. Like living species computer’s efficiency goes down as the time passes. If you repairs one thing then you have problem in other hardware. So the smart decision is to replace the computer with the new ones.

Access Denied

There are various reasons due to which hard drive become inaccessible. Some are them are mentioned below:

  • Virus attack
  • Error in file system
  • Remove external drive abruptly

Under such condition, user is unable to read stored in hard drive. It is really horrible for users as it leads to severe data loss from hard drive. However, it is possible to fix access denied hard drive in few easy steps.

Repair 7Z Unexpected End of Data Issue on Windows

When your archive files which are created from 7Zip get damage or corruption then you face unexpected end of data while extracting the archive file. 7z unexpected end of data fix can be easily done by making use of Remo Repair Zip application on your Windows OS pc.

What is the main reason for 7Zip unexpected end of data on Windows:

  • When Windows OS gets affected with harmful malware or virus then it damages the saved 7Zip archive on your storage path so that when you try to extract the 7Zip archive data you get an error message or you face unexpected end of data on your system.
  • When you are downloading 7Zip archive from internet, if you face interruption such as system shutdown due to power issue or internet connectivity loss then your 7Zip file gets damaged and you can’t able to extract the data from 7Zip on your Windows system.
  • When you are transferring 7Zip file from one device to another, if connectivity between the devices gets lost then your file won’t get transfer completely so that you face 7Zip file corruption on your pc.

These are some reasons for 7Zip unexpected end of data, but we can easily fix the 7Zip file and extract the data without any problem by using Remo Repair Zip tool on your Windows system.

Characteristics of Remo Repair Zip application on Windows:

  1. When you cannot able to extract the 7Zip archive data due to corruption or damage issue then by using this application you can effectively fix the 7Zip archive and extract the data from it on your Windows system.
  2. Remo Repair Zip tool is the amazing repair programs which can fix any type of issues occurred in Zip file and extract the data present in archive without any problem on your system.
  3. Software uses “Read Only Mechanism” while fixing the issues of Zip file so that the data present in archive won’t get damage or changed during the repair process on your Windows pc.
  4. Application also has the ability to fix the Zip files which are saved in various storage devices like USB drive, Flash drive, Memory card and External hard drive using browse option which present on tool screen.
  5. Software is compactable on all versions of Windows Operating System so that user without any difficulty can download and install this repair tool in any versions of windows.

Advantage of using Remo Repair Zip tool:

Free demo version: Software is available with licensed version and free demo version: user can make use of free demo tool to fix the issues occurred in Zip file and check the capacity of the tool. If they are satisfied with the repair of Zip issue then by purchasing the licensed version user can save the repaired Zip file on storage path.

Preview option: after the successful repair process, you can find preview option on tool screen using that you can view the repaired Zip file before saving them on storage path.

Technical support team: support team will guide user 24/7, when they faces issue or have queries regarding the repair of Zip file.

Technique to Fix Bad CRC Error in Zip File

Zip format is commonly used by to compress more number of files to single Zip file, which makes user easier to download or upload many files at a time. In some case we come up with CRC error when we try to extract the Zip file on Windows system. We can fix bad CRC Zip file by making use of Remo Repair Zip software on your system.

Scenarios for Zip file bad CRC error on your Windows:

  • When you are compressing the file to Zip format then you need to make use of appropriate tool to compress the files, an unreliable use of Zip compression tool might leads to Zip file damage and you face bad CRC error when you try to extract those Zip file on your system.
  • When your Windows Operating system gets affected with harmful virus or malware then it infects all the files saved on your system including Zip file, so due to virus issue your Zip file gets corrupted and leads to bad CRC error on your Windows pc.
  • When you are downloading or transferring the Zip file, if you face any type of interruptions like system shutdown or network issue then your Zip file gets damage and when you try to extract those Zip file you get bad CRC error message on your windows screen.

These are some scenarios responsible for bad CRC error in Zip file, but we can easily repair those Zip file by making use of Remo Repair Zip application on your Windows OS pc.

About Remo Repair Zip tool:

Remo Repair Zip application is the powerful Zip repair tool which can fix any type of issues occurred in Zip file on your Windows system. Application can repair broken header, damaged and corrupted Zip file by following simple repair steps. While you are performing repair of bad CRC error in Zip file, the content present in Zip won’t get damaged or modified, because software uses read only mechanism to fix the issue of Zip file. Application has the ability to fix the Zip files which are available on external storage devices using browse option. Tool is compactable on all versions of Windows OS so that user without any problem can easily install the repair tool on their system. Support team will be available to give technical support to user when they have queries regarding the repair process.

Procedure to fix bad CRC error in Zip file using Remo Repair Zip tool:

First we need to download and install the free demo version of Remo Repair Zip tool on your Windows OS. When you launch the repair tool, you get browse option to select the Zip file which has bad CRC error and then you need to choose repair option to start the fixing process of Zip file on your Windows system. Once the repair of bad CRC Zip file is completed you can view those files with the help of preview option before saving on storage path. If you are convinced with the repair process then by purchasing the tool you can save the repaired files on your Windows system.

How to Convert Offline OST to PST File

We make use of OST file to work on offline mode in MS Outlook application and it is similar to PST file of MS Outlook. In offline mode we can make any changes in MS Outlook database file, when internet gets connected then automatically the changes made will get updated in MS Exchange server. Sometime you cannot able to access OST file when it gets corrupted, which is the main drawback so users prefer to use PST file by converting the OST file to PST of Outlook.  Now you may inquest for the better tool to convert offline OST file to PST on Windows system. If you are in search of solution I could suggest you have landed on the right page.

Features of Remo Convert OST to PST tool on Windows:

When your offline OST file gets corrupted then you can’t access to the data present in OST file so the only solution to access OST file content is by converting OST to PST file. This conversion can be done by using convert OST to PST free tool i.e. Remo Convert OST to PST tool on your Windows OS pc.

Remo Convert OST to PST application uses special algorithm to convert OST file to healthy Outlook PST file without modifying the content present in original OST file and software has capacity to convert the offline OST file which are created in different editions of MS Outlook.

Software can convert the offline OST files which are protected with password to Outlook PST file without any difficulty. Preview option can be utilized to check whether corrupted OST file is repaired and converted to PST effectively by the conversion tool.

This application is user friendly so that we can install this tool in any versions of Windows OS and perform conversion of offline OST to PST file without any complexity.

How Remo Convert OST to PST application converts offline OST to PST file?

Here we are explaining the conversion process of offline OST to Outlook PST with the help of Remo Convert OST to PST application:

  • Using Download option, you can get the free demo version of Remo Convert OST to PST program from official website.
  • Install the downloaded program on your Windows Operating system and when you launch the tool you get two options Find OST File and Open OST File.
  • If you know the exact path of the corrupted OST file on your Windows system then select Open OST File or choose Find OST File to search for OST file.
  • Next, using Browse option, you can select the offline OST file which you need to repair and convert to PST file.
  • When the conversion process of OST file gets completed, using Preview option you need to verify the converted OST file once and give the destination path to save those converted OST file.
  • If you are satisfied with the OST file conversion process performed by demo version, then by purchasing the premium version of Remo Convert OST to PST you can save those PST file on your preferred Windows storage location.

Solution to Repair PowerPoint Freezes

When user working on PowerPoint file they faces some situation like PowerPoint file freeze, hanging and some other error then you look for what to do when your PowerPoint freezes at that time we can suggest some troubleshooting method to fix this type of issues in PowerPoint file.

Troubleshooting steps to fix PowerPoint file freezes issue on your system:

  • You need to check whether your system is up to date and latest version of MS Office update is installed.
  • In some situation Antivirus program is conflict with the PowerPoint then you need to disable all PowerPoint integration.

If you cannot able to repair the PowerPoint issue using troubleshooting method then you can use PowerPoint inbuilt repair office.

Here we are telling simple inbuilt repair procedure to fix PowerPoint file freezes issue:

First you need to close all the running MS Office application on your system. Next, you need to prefer control panel and select programs and features option. In the installed list you need to right click on MS Office version and select change option then choose repair button.

When above mention two repair methods won’t work to fix the PowerPoint file freezes issue then you can go for Remo Repair PowerPoint tool which is the amazing software to repair all type of problems occurred in PowerPoint file on your system.

Why we need to use Remo Repair PowerPoint application to fix the issue of PowerPoint freezes?

If you are facing PowerPoint freezes, error or hanging issue on your system then it can be easily repaired by using Remo Repair PowerPoint application. Application used advanced repair method to fix PowerPoint file issues like corruption, damage, broken header, error and freezes by using simple repair steps on your pc.

If your PowerPoint file which gets freezes while using is protected with password by user can this tool without any difficulty fixes those encrypted PowerPoint file. You can also recover the PowerPoint slide after performing repair process from corrupted PowerPoint file.

You can perform repair of PowerPoint file without any difficulty by installing this tool on both Mac and Windows OS because this application is user friendly in nature. PowerPoint file which are saved in some eternal storage disk can be easily repaired using this software.

Using free demo tool of Remo Repair PowerPoint you can effectively repair all type of issues occurred in PowerPoint and later by purchasing the tool you can save those files on your preferred storage path on your system.

Reasons for PowerPoint freeze and stop working on your system:           

  • If you have not updated your PowerPoint file to the latest version then your PowerPoint file gets freeze or stop working when you are using it on your system.
  • If the PowerPoint application which has been installed gets corrupted then you face an issue of PowerPoint freeze issue on your pc.
  • If PowerPoint is currently used by any other processor then your PowerPoint stop working or get hanged.

These are some reasons for PowerPoint freezes but you can fix them by using some repair procedure on your system as explained above.

How to Repair Word Document Stopped Working

Solution to fix the Word file when it stopped working:

When your Word document is not working because of Word document corruption then we can use inbuilt repair method called open and repair concept to perform Word document not working repair.

  1. First from the file menu, we need to start the Microsoft Word application then select the open option.
  2. In Open option dropdown you need to choose the file which has to be repaired.
  3. When you select open option you get dropdown menu, there you need to prefer open and repair button.

By using above mentioned 3 steps you can repair the Word file and access them easily on your Windows system.

In case, still your Word file is not working and you are unable to access the content of Word document then we can suggest you to use third party repair tool which is powerful application to fix any type of Word file issue on your Windows Operating system.

Advantage of using Remo Repair Word tool on your Windows system:

When you are unable to repair the Word document which is not working on your system using inbuilt repair tool then by installing this software and using its repair steps you can easily fix the Word file issues and then you can access the content present in Word file on your Windows Operating system.

Remo Repair Word application is the advanced repair tool which used special algorithm to repair the Word file problems like corruption, damage or broken header without changing the contents present in Word file as the program copies the content present in Word file before starting the fixing process and places the copied content in newly created Word file after repair process gets completed.

We can perform repair of Word document in any version of Windows OS by installing this application because this application is user friendly in all Windows version. When user come up with any sort of issues or queries then technical support team will guide them in solving the issues.

What is the reason for Word document stopped working on Windows system:

  • MS World application should be upgraded frequently on your Windows system for better performance, if you won’t upgrade it then you might face Word document freeze or stopped while working on your Windows pc.
  • When your Windows Operating System get affected with virus then your Word file which has been saved in your system gets corrupted so that you might face an issue of word file stooped working on your computer.
  • When you are transferring the Word document from one storage path to another, if you come up with any sort of interruption like power issue or system issue then your transfer process gets terminate and your Word file become incomplete so that your Word file stopped working on your system.

These are some reasons for Word file stopped working but we can fix the issues of Word file by suing Remo Repair Word application on your Windows system.

How to Restrict Changes to Formatting in MS Word?

Among various tools of Microsoft Office Suite, Word is the most widely used application that not only corrects common typing mistakes but also try to guess the type of formatting user wants based on what he or she is typing. However, it is really annoying when Word automatically decides to change the formatting of something that you never want to do it. This happens because of AutoFormat option or else when the Word file is corrupted. How to lock formatting in Word in such cases? Don’t worry!!! Just continue reading to learn how to lock formatting in Word easily in few steps

Suppose formatting disruption in Word file is due to corruption, then you can make use of Remo Repair Word software. Along with repairing corrupt, damaged or broken Word files, it restores texts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, tables, and other attributes of Word file.

Most of the AutoFormat options are on by default. However, in order to prevent auto formatting and auto corrections, you can switch them off based on your convenience with few simple steps. Here are few easy-to-execute steps to undo a single instance of Auto Formatting

  • Pressing Ctrl + Z keys
  • At the top left of the window, you will see Quick Access toolbar, where you have to click on Undo icon
  • Use AutoCorrect options, in case if it appears

Follow these procedure to restrict Word from changing formatting:

Even after following the above steps, if you are not able to restrict Word from changing formatting, then learn how to lock formatting in MS Word by following the below mentioned instructions

  • Click on Office icon on your Word
  • Then, click on Word Options and choose Proofing from the left hand menu
  • Now, you need to press AutoCorrect Options button and click on AutoFormat tab
  • Now, you will see a list of options that are available, where you need to select that you don’t want
  • As soon as you turn off the options, click on OK button

Now, you have successfully fixed the issue, and restricted your Word from changing the formatting. So, you can now start working in MS Word application the way you want instead of the way it wants you to.

2017 Best App for Windows Phone

Here we are going to explain you the best Windows Phone app for 2017 which help you to decide which app to download:

Even though the Windows phone is not much popular as iPhone or Android but it is popular certainly within the business circle. But how you come to know that you are using the best app for business in your Windows phone device?  Now lest see some of the best app for Windows phone device:

Adobe Photoshop Express

In case of iPhone or Android iteration, it gives much more editing application to make your picture more wonderful and shine. White balance, noise, Crop, tone, adjust red eye and so on it is common thing that you need to have even if you are not a photographer. The actions which are mentions require only one or two of screen to transform completely the snaps by making easy for everyone to use.

1Password Beta:

The most popular account and password directory for Windows phone is 1Password which secures your entities by encrypting. At the time of writing the Windows mobile will be in public beta, which offers the faster performance and improved search.

Adobe Reader

For, editing, viewing, sharing PDFs and converting Adobe Reader is the most popular application. Using this application you can view the PDF file directly from the email and more. The PDF file which is protected with password can also be viewed with the help of this app, also we can convert RTF, DOC, and share the files and doc within the team members easily.

Calendar Pro Free

This app is pretty straight forward but the frequency of use by us is very best worth your time. Calendar Pro is the rated highest scheduling app on Windows mobile which offers a deep integration and smart interface with live accounts.

Call Recorder

This app is very essential than audio recording app, using this app you can record the phone call conversation. Later you can play back or upload it to one drive to save them or share it so that you can follow that phone call conversation. You can also protect the sensitive calls by password top keep the conversation more confidential.

AirWatch MDM Agent

The management tool which relies collaboration and communication for the company, this application can also be used with the AirWatch console to manage and monitor all systems across the company. This application keep the track of everything in company and it is easily setup and use.


You might feel difficulty and might lead to cluttered desk to keep the track of the paper business cards but CamCard app cuts the physical mess by storing contact details in the e-card format. You can just scan the card using your phone camera and then read the information completely.