Repair MOV files on Windows Operating System

“There’s a MOV file on my system which truncates itself after playing for about 5 minutes. I repaired it using repair software but it couldn’t really fix the issue. So I was looking for some free trial software or maybe a complete version that can fix this issue and doesn’t mess up my file further. Can someone suggest me the right repair software?”

You can download Remo Repair MOV which is specifically designed to fix corrupt MOV files on Windows. This software is also available also in a trial version which one could employ to fix corrupt MOV files.

MOV is a video file format developed to be the default video format to play videos on Mac OS. However the popularity of MOV files on Mac urged it to be introduced on Windows too. This way, it gained popularity on Windows operating system as well. MOV file includes various types of Medias such as audio, video, 3D, 2D, text, effects and so on. However, MOV files on Windows PC aren’t completely safe from damage and corruption and MOV file users frequently encounter MOV file corruption. When a MOV file is corrupted, it needs to be repaired at the earliest without which you cannot use the file once more. So what causes MOV file corruption? Here are a few causes for MOV file corruption on Windows system:

  • Virus infection: Viruses present in the hard disk can access the MOV files and leave them corrupted, damaged or even in an inaccessible state. These viruses enter the computer via third party or untrusted websites.
  • Power Surge: An unexpected Power surge when a MOV file is under use can leave it in a corrupt state.
  • An error in the firmware of the camera can result in recording of corrupt MOV files.
  • Bad sectors in the hard drive on which the MOV files are saved can corrupt them.
  • Converting the MOV files to another format by using a third party application.
  • Recording a video on a camera that is running low on battery can result in recording a corrupt MOV video.

Remo Repair MOV

This repair software can additionally repair MP4 as well as M4V files on Windows system. It’s also compatible on all leading versions of Windows which include Windows 8 too. It’s capable of repairing truncated MOV files and repairs high definition videos that were recorded using high end cameras such as DSLR etc. it comes with a simple interface that is completely free from any complications and after your file has been repaired, you can preview it. You can also download the trial version of this software before buying the complete version so you get a brief idea about the amazing outcomes of this repair tool. It’s also capable of repairing large MOV files which not many repair software’s support. It separates out the audio as well as video streams and then combines the two to generate a top quality video clip of the same.

How can I protect MOV files on my Windows PC?

  • Avoid installing applications from third party websites that may access the MOV files in an unauthorized manner.
  • Avoid recording videos on a camera that is low on battery.
  • Perform a regular scan using anti-virus software to keep viruses out from the system.