Repairing Corrupt PSD files on Mac OS

“I have a PSD file on my Mac OS that’s corrupt and isn’t opening by any means. I also tried opening it on different applications but wasn’t successful in opening it. I used a repair tool as well but the file was too large to be repaired by the said repair tool and it couldn’t repair my PSD file. Can someone suggest me a PSD repair tool that accepts large PSD files and repairs it without any trouble?”

One of only PSD repair software that accepts and effortlessly repairs PSD files is Remo Repair PSD. This repair tool is also available in a trial version which the users can download before buying the complete version.

Photoshop is an application used widely to create or even edit images. One can find various versions of Photoshop and every version offers you more powerful tools for editing images. Some of the versions of Photoshop include Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS6 and CS5. Photoshop files are saved by Adobe Photoshop with either a PSD or PDD file extension. Adobe Photoshop on the same hand is platform independent and runs on Windows as well as on Mac OS. However the Photoshop files saved particularly on Mac OS are not safe. A user might work on a PSD file for hours and may wake up the next day only to find his file corrupt. At such situations it’s highly recommended to repair the PSD file using repair software such as Remo Repair PSD. Let’s have closer look at the most common scenarios responsible for PSD file damage on Mac OS:

  • Terminating or closing the Photoshop application in an unsafe manner when a PSD file is active.
  • Interrupting a PSD file while it’s being transferred or downloaded from the internet.
  • Power failure when a PSD file is active on the Mac OS.
  • Internal errors may be generated if the Photoshop application is not installed in a right way on your Mac.
  • There’s a high chance of PSD files getting damaged when upgrading the Photoshop application on your Mac.
  • Saving PSD files on a system having bad sectors and so on.

Remo Repair PSD

This PSD repair tool repairs PSD as well as PDD files on Mac OS. It’s also compatible on all versions of Mac OS. It repairs your PSD files no matter how badly it’s damaged since it makes use of an advanced algorithm to scan and fix the issues. It repairs PSD files saved on any storage device such as internal hard drives, flash memories, USB storage devices, external storage devices and so on. You can repair corrupt/damaged PDD and PSD files created on all versions of Abode Photoshop by utilizing this repair software. You also get an easy to use interface with this repair software which is simple to follow and use. It is also capable of fixing corrupt Photoshop file layers on Mac OS. Once your PSD files are repaired successfully, you can view them and later save it to any preferred location on your Mac OS.

How can I protect the PSD files on my Mac OS?

  • It’s highly advised to keep a backup of all PSD files on a separate storage device so you don’t have to worry when the PSD files on your Mac are damaged.
  • Avoid any sort of interruption when a PSD file is being downloaded or transferred from the Mac to another storage device.