Repairing Damaged PPT files on Windows

“I was creating a PowerPoint file on my PC last night and after a few hours there was an abrupt power failure that caused my system to be shut down along with the said PPT file in an unsafe fashion. I later turned on the system to check if my PowerPoint file was fine but unfortunately it showed an error every time I tried to open it. I now know that my PPT file is corrupt so I’m looking for a PowerPoint file repair tool that could fix this issue for me in the least time possible.”

One of the most trusted software to repair PowerPoint files on Windows is Remo Repair PowerPoint. This software can safely repair PPT files on your system without damaging them any further. You can also download the trial version to get an insight about the performance of this repair tool prior to buying the complete version.

PowerPoint files are highly recommended for creating presentations for schools, colleges, projects, offices and in many more areas of interest. PowerPoint files are created by MS PowerPoint and are usually saved with PPT, PPTX or PPS file format. MS PowerPoint comes with the Microsoft package and has its own different versions. Unfortunately, PowerPoint files that are saved on the system are never safe and are often affected by system and human errors. Here are a few scenarios that cause the PPT files saved on the system to be corrupt:

  • Terminating the system in an abrupt or unsafe manner when a PowerPoint file is in use.
  • Viruses in the system may damage the PPT files saved on the system.
  • Unexpected power failures when a PowerPoint file is in use.
  • Internal errors generated while using PowerPoint tools because the PowerPoint application wasn’t installed in a safe manner.
  • Interruptions while downloading or moving a PPT file from the system or vice versa.

Remo Repair PowerPoint

The first thing a user needs to do when he realizes that his PPT files are corrupt is to repair them. Secondly, choosing the right repair tool is one of the most important responsibilities of a user. Remo Repair PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best repair tool to fix damaged PPT file on Windows OS. This repair tool can repair PPT files that are created on any version of MS PowerPoint and can repair PPT, PPS as well as PPTX files. It’s developed by an expert group of professionals and formulates an advanced repair engine that can repair PowerPoint files no matter how badly they’re damaged. It’s compatible on all versions of Windows such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, XP, Vista as well as the latest Windows 8. It’s a ‘read only’ software that only reads your corrupted file and then creates a new copy of the corrupted file by extracting contents from it and leaving the corrupted file unaltered. It’s also available for Mac users to repair PowerPoint files. It features an easy to use interface that’s simple to understand as well as proceed ahead with. Once your PowerPoint file has been repaired, you can view your repaired file and then save it to any location on your PC.

How can I protect the PowerPoint files on my Windows OS?

  • Backup all crucial PPT files that are present on your system.
  • Install the PowerPoint application in a methodical manner.