Repairing Wrong Length AVI files on Windows

“I have a few AVI files on my PC and all files play perfectly except one. This clip is of wrong length and it doesn’t match the payback time. I have no idea as to what’s wrong with the file and not sure what has to be done here to bring it back to normal. I asked my friends and was said to repair the said file with any repair tool that I find on the internet. As this AVI file is quite important to me, I don’t wish to mess up things either so I need some advice as to which is the best or the safest repair tool that I can employ.”

One of the safest AVI repair tool is Remo Repair AVI. This repair tool can guarantee to you that your original file is safe and gives expected results at the end.

AVI is the short for ‘audio video interleave’ and is a file format utilized for playing videos. It was introduced by Microsoft and it combines both audio and video streams together which makes it one of the most chosen file format among other such as MPEG, MP4 and so on. It’s also the most widely used file format to stream and save videos on websites such as Skype, Gmail,  YouTube and so on. AVI files can get corrupt at any moment and the first thing to do is repair them at the earliest. Users may also come across AVI files that are not synchronized, wrong length and so on. These files may play up to a certain limit and then truncate itself leaving the user annoyed. Various reasons for AVI file corruption on Windows are listed below.

  • Viruses present on the storage media pose a threat to AVI files and chances are they may access the AVI files in an unauthorized manner and leave them in a corrupt state.
  • There is a high chance of AVI files getting corrupt when they are interrupted during transfer or while they’re being downloaded from the internet.
  • Power surges when an AVI file is being played can cause them to be terminated in an unsafe manner.
  • Using a media player which doesn’t support AVI file codec may cause damage to them.
  • Other reasons that cause AVI file damage are: bad sectors on the storage medium where the AVI files are saved, AVI file header damage, application failure and so on.

Remo Repair AVI

This repair tool can fix all issues related to AVI files and is one of the most recommended software to repair AVI files. This application can also be used to repair XVID and DIVX files on Windows. One can also download the trial version of this software before buying the full version so he gets an insight about the performance of this repair tool. It also supports to repair AVI files saved on storage devices such as memory cards, USB drives, flash drives and so on. It binds the audio and video streams together to produce an AVI file that is free from corruption and damage. It’s also compatible on all versions of Windows such as Vista, Windows 8, 7, 2000, 2003 as well as Windows XP. It offers an easy to use GUI for repairing AVI files that requires just a few clicks to accomplish the task.