Resolve Codec Missing Issues in AVI File

Facing missing codec issues in AVI file? Don’t worry, the error can be easily fixed now. Just read this following sections carefully, a complete information on fixing of AVI file errors have been mentioned.

Codec issues with AVI file is very common these days. Codec of video is actually a software that is used for compressing or decompressing a digital media file. Codec is usually divided into two parts, i.e. encode and decode. Encoder executes the compression (encoding) function and decoder is used for decompressing (decoding) function. Any sort of variations in codecs leads to severe issues and video file will not play properly. This triggers corruption of videos. Well, presently codec issues in video file can be easily fixed. Particularly to resolve codec errors in AVI file, there are several third party tools, by using them codec issues can tackled. One of the most sophisticated repair app is Remo Repair AVI. This amazing tool perfectly fixes each and every error of AVI video with ease. It has high success rate when compared with any other repair tools. Within a couple of mouse clicks, codec errors can be fixed with this utility. Even a severely corrupted AVI videos can be easily by using Remo Repair AVI application. Without making any alterations to original AVI video file, it fixes the issues. First of all the original AVI video is scanned, once the scanning g is completed, a new file that is similar to original file will be created. This is why Remo Repair AVI is termed as non-destructive utility.

Under what conditions AVI codecs go missing?

Numerous reasons are there on account of which AVI codecs go missing, some of the noted reasons are described here:

  • Knowing or unknowingly, if codec component of AVI video is deleted by user then they’ll be lost. Once they are lost, you’ll not be able to play such video.
  • Severe infection of harmful viruses to AVI video can lead to missing of codecs in AVI video.
  • If round tripping is done several times to AVI video, then there are chances of missing of codec in AVI file.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons on account of which AVI video codec goes missing. Well, with the help of Remo Repair AVI application very easily the error can be fixed.

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Following are some highlighting features of Remo Repair AVI app:

It is one of the best repair apps available in market to fix AVI missing codec. Fixes all sorts of issues in a very short time span. The software is easily compatible with almost all major versions of Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows XP, 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Separate edition for Mac users is available, which can fix AVI file corruption issues on all versions of Mac. Very easy to use, provides directions for every step. The software is capable of fixing corrupted AVI videos on different types of storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. There is demo version a well, which can be used to measure the performance of product.