Smart Method to Fix Missing AVI Codec

Repair AVIAt times, you may get an error message like codec missing or unavailable when you try to play the movieĀ file on any media player, this error is due to many unknown factors. However there is a solution to repair and solve AVI codec error with the help of powerful video repair software.

Remo Repair is the simple and effective repair tool that solves any codec problem associated with your AVI video. With the help of advanced algorithm this tool deeply scans your AVI file and solves the error of both audio and video codec separately and finally combines them together to give you healthy video file. Click on the following link to repair your video file:

Essential characteristics of Remo Repair AVI:

  • One of the unique feature of this repair tool is it does not affect or modify your
    original video file it just creates a copy of your file and works on it.
  • The result of repair process is a healthy video file it can be saved to any storage location on the Windows operating system.
  • The repair process is completely automated within few clicks you can repair your video file and this repair tool can repair other video file types such as DIVX and XVID.
  • Once the video file is been repaired it can be played on any media player and this tool is completely free from deadly viruses or malware attack.

Other benefits of Remo Repair AVI:

  • This repair tool works well on any latest versions of Windows operating system.
  • Demo version of this software is available with free of cost so it helps user to check the performance of repair process before buying full version.
  • The user interface offered by this repair tool is very friendly with users where you will not find any difficulty during the repair process.

What are the reasons due to which your AVI videos codec goes missing?

  • Because of deadly virus or malware infections on the healthy video file causes file damage as a result your video file becomes inaccessible.
  • Your video file might get damage during the transfer of video file from one system to other or vice versa.
  • Accidental deletion of codec element from the AVI file and inaccurate compression of AVI video clip.
  • Other reasons such as interruptions while converting of AVI video to other media format, download error, presence of bad sector and many more.

Steps to repair AVI Codec Missing Issue with Remo Repair Software:

  • The first step you need to do is download this Remo Repair AVI application onto your Windows operating system install it and run the application by clicking on the shortcut icon which is created on the desktop.
  • Browse and select your AVI video file that is to be repaired and click on the repair button to start the repair process. This toolkit starts repairing your video file automatically and the repair process can be monitored through the progress bar.
  • After completion of the fixing process you can see the fixed AVI video file along with its description by using preview repaired file option. And also you can save that repaired file by using save repaired file inbuilt option which is available only in licensed version.