Solution to Fix Corrupt AVI Header

Characteristics of Remo Repair AVI application which fixes corrupt AVI header:download (33)

AVI files are proficient format to play videos in high quality without any interruption on Windows system. If in case you face issue of corrupt AVI files header and video file gets terminated from video player or fails to play on Windows system, then in such case we can utilize the amazing repair tool i.e. Remo Repair AVI. As said Remo Repair AVI software is the powerful tool to fix the issues arises in AVI video files like header file corruption due to some scenarios like virus attack, download issue, incomplete transfer, etc. This software uses a special and unique method to fix the issue of corrupt AVI files header i.e. it separate audio and video codec from AVI file before performing its repair process, later it joins the divided codec after the completion of the AVI file fixing process. Free demo version is provided by the Remo Repair AVI to users so that they can verify the capacity and result of the tool before purchasing its payment edition.

Steps to fix corrupt AVI header by using Remo Repair AVI application:

Here we are discussing how to repair corrupt AVI header on Windows OS using Remo Repair AVI tool.

  1. Download the repair software: Download the free demo edition of Remo Repair AVI software and then install it on your Windows OS.
  2. Launch the software: To launch the installed Remo Repair AVI tool which you have downloaded, you need to run it on your Windows.
  3. Select the AVI file to be fixed: Choose your corrupted AVI header file that needs to be fixed using open button on the main screen and then go for the repair button to begin the process of corrupt AVI header files fixing.
  4. Verify the repaired AVI file: After the fixing is done, the tool displays the repaired AVI header files with its details and using preview you can verify whether those AVI files repaired properly or not before saving it on your system.
  5. Save the fixed AVI files: If you are satisfied with the process and wish to save those fixed AVI file, then you need to get the Remo Repair premium software.

From above repair steps of Remo Repair AVI you can fix corrupt AVI header file and make them to play on Windows System.

Case scenario for corrupt AVI header:

  1. If you have deleted the AVI file accidentally from system and if you use wrong recovery method to retrieve it, then the tool might corrupts your AVI file header and you cannot able to play those corrupted AVI file on Windows.
  2. When you are sending the AVI video files between two systems or drives, if some problem arises like connectivity issue or sudden system shutdown then it leads to corrupt of AVI header file and you can’t play them.

These are some scenarios for corrupt AVI header on Windows it can be solved by using Remo Repair AVi repair steps as mentioned.