Technique to Fix Audio and Video File Not Playing in PowerPoint

PowerPoint: PowerPoint application is the complete presentation graphic image. It provides you all you need to generate a professional looking presentation. Using this PowerPoint application we can perform many tasks like creating a presentation file with many slide, you can also format the presentation slide using powerful slide master, you can also keep all presentation slide in single file, with speaker note. You can also import the files which are created in any other Microsoft products like MS Word and MS Excel. PowerPoint application is used by many professional users to present their project and presentation to many people and they can also add some attachments like audio, video, animations to make presentation more attractive to the viewers. You can connect the device which contains presentation file to the projector and display the presentation in big screen.

Basic method to create the PowerPoint presentation files on your system:

When you open the PowerPoint application and select new then you see the default theme and template. You need to select the theme you need for your presentation and choose create option. Next in home tab you need to select new slide option and choose the slide layout. To save the presentation, you need to go to file tab and select save option then you get the option to select the path to save your PowerPoint presentation file, then give the filename to your presentation and select save option.

Now you can create your presentation by adding the text in the slide and pictures, sound and animations. You can also select the number of slide you need and also add and remove the side’s in-between. You can also make your text with your necessary font size, style and color according to your slide background color. Finally, after creating the presentation you can save your file.

In some situation the attachments like audio and video which has been inserted in the PowerPoint presentation won’t get play when you play the presentation. PowerPoint embedded video won’t play issue is caused when your PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged, or your attachment i.e. audio and video file might be damaged so that it is not playing on your PowerPoint file.

To fix this issue, we need to follow some procedure on your system. If your audio and video file itself is corrupted or damaged, then try to remove those file from the presentation and add new one. The main reason for files gets damaged is that when you are inserting the audio and video file, if some interruption occurs then your audio and video file won’t get inserted completely so that you face audio and video file not play in PowerPoint file.

If your PowerPoint file is corrupted or damaged, then you can make use of some advanced repair application like Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your system.