Technique to Fix Bad CRC Error in Zip File

Zip format is commonly used by to compress more number of files to single Zip file, which makes user easier to download or upload many files at a time. In some case we come up with CRC error when we try to extract the Zip file on Windows system. We can fix bad CRC Zip file by making use of Remo Repair Zip software on your system.

Scenarios for Zip file bad CRC error on your Windows:

  • When you are compressing the file to Zip format then you need to make use of appropriate tool to compress the files, an unreliable use of Zip compression tool might leads to Zip file damage and you face bad CRC error when you try to extract those Zip file on your system.
  • When your Windows Operating system gets affected with harmful virus or malware then it infects all the files saved on your system including Zip file, so due to virus issue your Zip file gets corrupted and leads to bad CRC error on your Windows pc.
  • When you are downloading or transferring the Zip file, if you face any type of interruptions like system shutdown or network issue then your Zip file gets damage and when you try to extract those Zip file you get bad CRC error message on your windows screen.

These are some scenarios responsible for bad CRC error in Zip file, but we can easily repair those Zip file by making use of Remo Repair Zip application on your Windows OS pc.

About Remo Repair Zip tool:

Remo Repair Zip application is the powerful Zip repair tool which can fix any type of issues occurred in Zip file on your Windows system. Application can repair broken header, damaged and corrupted Zip file by following simple repair steps. While you are performing repair of bad CRC error in Zip file, the content present in Zip won’t get damaged or modified, because software uses read only mechanism to fix the issue of Zip file. Application has the ability to fix the Zip files which are available on external storage devices using browse option. Tool is compactable on all versions of Windows OS so that user without any problem can easily install the repair tool on their system. Support team will be available to give technical support to user when they have queries regarding the repair process.

Procedure to fix bad CRC error in Zip file using Remo Repair Zip tool:

First we need to download and install the free demo version of Remo Repair Zip tool on your Windows OS. When you launch the repair tool, you get browse option to select the Zip file which has bad CRC error and then you need to choose repair option to start the fixing process of Zip file on your Windows system. Once the repair of bad CRC Zip file is completed you can view those files with the help of preview option before saving on storage path. If you are convinced with the repair process then by purchasing the tool you can save the repaired files on your Windows system.