Top Rated Software to Fix Corrupted Video Files on Mac

Are you not able to play your favorite videos on Mac system? Well, corruption might be the issue behind. Don’t have any idea on how to repair corrupt videos? Don’t worry, you have been logged in to the right page that introduces you with the most powerful and reliable software famous as Remo Repair AVI. Besides the tool name, it compatible to fix different video formats after any sort of corruption and damage scenarios.

Remo Repair AVI is an amazing repairing app that consists of lots of incredible features to mend corrupted video files and convert them into playable video once again. Once you manage to repair your corrupt video files using Remo Repair AVI, then without any hassle the utility can be accessed even to fix severely corrupted videos. Corrupt video file repair process will get completed very quickly just within 5 easy steps i.e. Select – Scan – Repair – Preview – Save.

List of scenarios due to which video file gets corrupt are listed below:

  • Codec Errors.
  • Malware / virus attack.
  • Damage of Video Header.
  • Interruptions during video file download.
  • Unexpected Mac computer shut down while video file is being played.
  • Repeatedly playing videos on unsupported media players.

Similar all above listed reasons, there are lots of other factors due to which your video files might get corrupt / damaged. Well, by making use of Remo Repair AVI software, corrupted video files of different format AVI, DivX and XVID can be fixed in an efficient and easiest manner.

How actually Remo Repair AVI works to fix video files after corruption?

Remo Repair AVI program is inbuilt with strong scanning features that helps to scan corrupted video file so as to identify all recoverable elements. Then, by making use of its repair strategies it completes the task of corrupt video repair process within a fraction of minutes. The tool works on read only mode, which means it takes a copy of corrupted video file and performs repair task on it thereby ensuring no further damage is made to original video file. It perfectly answers for all your queries on how to fix corrupted video files after facing any corruption scenario.

Remo Repair AVI includes these features:

  • Repairs both audio and video frames simultaneously and later adjoins them to make a playable video.
  • Along with corrupted video files, the software is capable of fixing damaged and broken videos as well
  • It can fix corrupted video files on all major versions of Mac OS X such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • Fixes corrupt video and recovers all its data such as text, picture, audio, video, graphics, sub titles, etc.
  • Supports video repair on various secondary storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, portable external HDD’s, etc.
  • Facilitates with “Real Time Preview” feature that allows you to preview repaired video file with proper sound playable.
  • You can avail 24/7 professional support if you want to clarify doubts on all your pre sales or post sales.
  • Different Mac devices supported by Remo Repair AVI on which corrupt video file can be fixed are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and more.
  • The software is 100% free from external stuffs like malware, adware, etc. assuring safe repair of corrupted / damaged videos.

Note: Demo version of software is provided using which you can estimate the efficiency of this repairing tool before actually purchasing the licensed software.