Utility to Fix Archive Not Found Errors

“I downloaded a RAR file from my mail to system hard drive. But, when I attempt  to extract the data from this archive file, I was shocked to see that WinRAR displayed “the archive is not found”. I re-downloaded the RAR file again and attempt to extract it, but it still display the same error message. How to get rid of this error while extracting a RAR archive? Can anyone please help me out?”

Files in compressed form are generally stored using the RAR file format. Various types of files like the movie and game files hold large amount of data and downloading these files from slow internet connection takes a huge amount of time. Therefore many users prefer RAR file format to compress their data in order to send it via internet or to save computer hard drive space. But, similar to other file formats RAR files are also prone to problems of corruption and damage.

Some times after completing the download of RAR archive, when users tend to extract the contents of downloaded RAR file, they get error messages like “RAR file not found”. If this type of error messages keep displaying then it’s conformed that RAR files have got damaged. If you do not fix archive not found errors immediately, then you won’t be able to access any folders contained in RAR archive.

You must be thinking that once RAR files are damaged they cannot be fixed any more. But the reality is that it is possible to mend not found errors in WinRAR file using some professional third party tool. One such reliable tool which can be used for repairing RAR archive not found errors is the Remo Repair RAR. Hop over the link http://www.remorepair.com/windows/fix-archive-not-found-errors.html for complete info on fixing archive not found errors.

Common Reasons for “No archive found” error message

  • Any kind of header inconsistency or minor mistake while compressing the archive might corrupt the header resulting in error RAR file not found.
  • If RAR file data itself is damaged or inaccurate due to any unknown errors, then it may refuse to open and throw RAR file not found error.
  • Downloading and using improper file recovery software’s to recover your deleted or lost RAR archives, sometimes damages RAR file structure and ends with RAR file corruption.
  • If the storage media is infected with virus or malware threats and the zip file is saved over there, then there are high chances of corruption of the RAR archive and encountering zip file not found errors.

How Remo Repair RAR utility helps in fixing RAR file not found errors?

Remo RAR Repair application is especially designed to repair severely corrupted, damaged  or broken RAR files. The tool uses powerful and advanced algorithms to scan and repair each and every folder contained in the RAR archive and after the scanning process is completed, it generates new healthy copy of the repaired RAR files in just a couple of minutes.

Outstanding features of Remo Repair RAR wizard:

  • The application has the capability to mend large-sized, password protected, encrypted, broken and inaccessible RAR files.
  • Doesn’t modify the original contents during the repair process, as the program works on read only mode.
  • Compatible with all latest and previous versions of Windows Operating system.
  • Designed with simple user interface so that users with very little knowledge about computers can even use it without any difficulty.
  • The software has the capability to fix corrupt files with CRC errors also.
  • “Preview” option facilitated in the software, allow you to view the repaired files before saving it to the selected location of computer.
  • 24*7 technical support assistance is provided to deal with the queries regarding the use of Remo Repair RAR software.

It is quite evident that Remo Repair RAR app has so many incredible features which make it completely unique from other RAR repair utilities available in market. Still confused? Try the demo version of the software from official website and check the results by yourself.